Basic Troubleshooting Steps for solving Metadata-glitches in catalog of Adobe Photoshop Elements Organizer

At times, many of us see some unusual behavior with photos, videos, audios, projects, slideshow and related metadata like Albums, Tags, File properties, associations etc. Sometimes such problems are temporary because of bad state of a Catalog Database and it starts working fine after few basic steps. Catalog is backbone of all the information you see in Organizer and it's a database which keeps record of your files which were imported over a period of time. Let's discuss it further and know the basic things we should try before anything else...

Here we would not want to get into details of Catalogs in Organizer and the way they work. Let's directly talk about basic things to do as primary troubleshooting in Elements Organizer. All these troubleshooting steps are very standard and quite helpful in solving major chunk problems. Let's see :-

1. Close Elements Organizer, wait for some time and relaunch.

2. Go to Catalogs dialog and repair relevant catalog. After repairing the catalog, relaunch Adobe Photoshop Elements Organizer.

3. Above steps are mentioned in appropriate order, if any of above works for you, then off-course need not to go further. If above two didn't work for you, then computer restart is another universal thing one should try. At times conflicting programs can cause some arbit behaviors.

4. Reset preferences of Adobe Photoshop Elements organizer and relaunch it to see if it makes any difference.

5. If still you see no good signals on trying above steps, create a new Catalog and see if same problem is there in new Catalog as well. This will ensure that our suspect about Catalog specific problem is wrong and then need to think about something at application level.

6. Now you can search for the problem in Google and there are high chances to get a solution on Forums or Adobe Articles, if your problem is faced by major set of users. 

And if nothing work for you, we are sure that you know about next steps of posting your problem on Adobe Forums, or Elements Village...

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