Folk dancers from Kullu Valley, Himachal Pradesh - Kullvi Nati

Himalayan State of India has various forms of folks dance. They vary from one region of Himachal to another. As an example the dance forms of Kullu valley is different from Kinnaur and Shimla. We met this group on our way to Rohtang pass. This is a 8 years old photograph which I found in my old Hard-drive and thought of sharing today.

This dance form is very different wherein all boys and girls dress up specially for the dance. I loved these colorful garlands used by boys. In fact, most of the dressing elements are unique. Black colored shawlsand black&white piece of cloth used by boys is called as pattu, which is made locally by using goat/sheep wool. Everyone was holding 'pakhhi' having varied colors, which is again made of cloth with beautiful embroidery on it. 

The dance steps follow a pattern - either they move in circle, make lines, do criss cross or many other things. The best part is smooth & slow paces movements, which seems like wind is moving them all in a particular direction. Everyone in my group enjoyed their performances and had their own definitions to define this dance form. Kullu Nati is one of the most interesting folk dances from Himachal Pradesh. I have few friends from Kullu valley and would try to find out more about this dance form. I tried searching on web, but couldn't find much details.  

Music used is also very special and some of the old musical instruments are used for Kullvi Nati. Watch this video to experience the soothing music used in the background. This video has also shown the dance steps at some places. 

The video below is also shot around Jalori pass, which is part of Kullu district. But the dance steps in this video matches more with Shimla Natti style. In fact, both of them belong to Shimla district and they were with our group as media personnel. 

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