Lose yourself in Festive Spirit of Christmas with brilliant photographs by Deeba Rajpal

Few weeks back, I found some of the great photographs cookies and sweets for celebrating Christmas. It was not difficult to guess that photographs are clicked by one of my favorite Food Photographer. Yes, you are also right about guessing the name :). These are clicked by Deeba who has shared another great Photo Journey few months back. So I requested Deeba to use these photographs to share the joy of Christmas Celebrations on Travellingcamera.com .

Like all other festivals, preparations for celebrating Christmas start very soon. I guess, Deeba clicked these during the month of November while main celebrations take place on 25th December every year. It's the time of year when you crave for cakes, cookies, decorations, Santa, Gifts, Christmas tree etc.

Kids mostly talk about Santa Claus during this time and parents starts preparing for surprises to ensure that kids keep believing in Santas :). Many of the shopping malls are decorated beautifully and Santa can be seen walking while talking to Kids and giving them some gifts. Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas and Christkind, are some of the other names associated with bringing gifts to children during Christmas season....

The celebrations associated in various parts of the world for Christmas have a mix of  Christian and secular themes as well as origins, including modified versions. These days various celebratory customs of Christmas holidays include gifting, music/caroling, giving Christmas cards, celebrations at churches,  Christmas decorations having Christmas trees, lights, garlands, Cherries, Gift-packs etc.  Christmas has taken a special place in my life as well. I have been in Himachal during most of the childhood days and had no Christian friend. So there were hardly any celebrations around my place. When I moved to Delhi 9 years back, I got to experience the celebration mood during Christmas at office as well as at friend's places. Now I quite a few Christian friends and every year I wait for home made cake on Christmas :) .

Commercial activities increase during Christmas festive season. With time, holiday season around Christmas is becoming another reason to have more economic activities. Every year, we get 10 days aoff around Christmas and New Year, which effectively means that at least 20 percent folks of my office travel to different parts of the country and even abroad. It's very difficult to find a decent place to stay in main Tourist destinations across the world and cost is usually very high for flights and hotel-bookings. Over time, every commercial institution keeps closer track of these seasons and try to make best of it. In last few decades Christmas season is becoming more lucrative in India as well.

Hope you all are also gearing up for Christmas Holidays. Here I take this opportunity to wish you a great Festive season . Hope that this festive season brings lot of happiness, bunch of gifts and great moments to cherish in future. Merry Christmas !!!

Big Thanks for Deeba Rajpal for sharing these brilliant photographs ! Check out more at - http://www.passionateaboutbaking.com/

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