High Tea at 'Sethani ka Johara' organized by Malji ka Karma, Churu (Rajasthan, India)

When we were in Churu last week, 'Malji Ka Kamra' team organized evening tea at 'Sethani ka Johara', which is a huge water body in Churu town. Idea was to reach this Johara before sunset, have tea and head towards the desert for Bonfire. This Photo Journey shares some of the photographs from 'Sethani ka Johara' and lovely moments with friends.
'Sethani ka Johara' is one of the must visit places in Churu and specially during Sunset. This water-body has huge open area around it and sunset hues look awesome in the water reflection. Before coming to 'Sethani ka Johara', we had an amazing Heritage Walk in streets of Churu full of old Havelis. Because we took more than planned time for this walk, we reached late at 'Sethani Ka Johara' and had to miss the Sunset views.

But we were not too late. Although Sun was not visible at all but still sky was welcoming us with awesome hues and after colors of the sunset. This was time to take out my Gorilla-Pod and capture these hues & some silhouettes. It was time, when few folks were on the way to this place and we had enough time in hand to experiment with sky colors at Sethani ka Johara.

Sethani Ka Johara is essentially a reservoir, which was constructed by widow of Bhagwan Das Bagla during the terrible Chhappan Akaal. This Water source served as one of the relief projects... Sethani ka Johara is a historic site which is away from Churu town and lies on the western side of the Ratangarh Road.  Bhagwandas Bagla was the first Marwari shekhawati millionaire and was a very wealthy timber merchant. He was originally from Churu Rajasthan but he even proceeded his business to Burma and settled in Rangoon. One can witness birds and mammals including Nilgai or blue bull near the huge water body. Although by the time we reached, there was hardly anything to see or wait for :)

Soon after the tea was arranged for us at one of the chhatris around the water body. It was truly a royal affair to have tea around a water body with great seating arrangements. We had lot of fun around Sethani ka Joahara and some of us also wanted to visit it again next day, which didn't happen. We had heard a lot about sunset at Sethani ka Johara but we couldn't witness the same during our visit to Churu. But hopefully we shall be there again in 2014 to explore more stuff in this region. 
 After having tea at Sethani ka Johara, we had to move towards the desert for Bonfire and don't miss the Desert Bonfire Photo Journey with some interesting stories associated.

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