A Bird's-Eye view of 2013, another fulfilling year at Travelling Camera

Hello Everyone!

Another year is coming to an end, and it has exciting, inspiring, and fulfilling for us here at Travelling Camera. Once again, we traveled to exciting places, met interesting people, and learnt new things. The year has once again brought to us several engaging Photo Journeys, with not only the in-house team, but also several guests showcasing their experiences here on this platform. It has been a year of sharing, caring, and growing up together.

2013 also ended with Travelling Camera and Literature Studio shaking hands, with Literature Studio becoming Travelling Camera's editorial partner. We hope to see a whole lot of new initiatives and activities on this platform. We are entering the New Year 2014 with enthusiasm and expecting surprises at every turn.

We also want to take this opportunity to reflect upon what Travelling Camera is all about. As the name suggests, it is about journeys captured through our camera. And these journeys can be about anything -- travel, emotional, spiritual, religious, and even imaginary. In essence, Travelling Camera is an exploration of the world and of the self, and each photo journey showcased here is a revelation of the exploration. And the year 2013 is a testimony to this definition. Following is a summary of the explorations we have undertaken this year:

This year we explored India further -- from mountains to beaches, from deserts to forests, there is nothing we didn't cover.

We also undertook several international journeys that took us all across the world. These journeys, though sparse and far between, are intriguing and offer us an insight into places and cultures that are different from ours





Travelling Camera was also invited to cover several events in the year 2013. Through these, we got an opportunity to associate with various brands.

Apart from these events, Travelling Camera was also part of celebrations during several festivals. This is an area we intend to cover much more extensively in 2014. Here are the glimpses from several festivals in 2013.

Travelling Camera came face to face with several celebrities and achievers who have made a mark in their own respective areas of work. Following are the people we met:


This year has been especially rich when it comes to unique photography experiences. The photographs below will show you what we mean:

Travelling Camera is especially fond of Adventure Sports. And this year we have had the opportunity to witness several. This is just a glimpse of what all we experienced:


This year we delivered several workshops and also attended a few, because we believe that one should never stop learning.

This year was also a year of achievements. Several of our photo journeys were recognized by various brands and we won quite a few awards too. Apart from this, we also showcased our work in an exhibition.

It is one thing to be recognized on the online medium and quite another to be published on print medium. Several of our photographs were published in national newspapers & Magazines. Following are some of our publications:

So you can see that 2013 has been quite an eventful year for Travelling Camera and we are thankful to our readers and our guest writers for their constant support and faith in this platform. We look forward to doing all of these and much more in 2014, and we hope that you will enjoy every surprise we pull.

Editorial Team

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