Christmas and New Year Celebrations in Goa || A popular Tourist Destination in India

Goa is a popular destination among travelers during December month of the year and folks prefer to celebrate Christmas & New Year on Goan beaches. There are multiple reasons that people choose Goa as a destination during Christmas and New Year times. Goa sounds like the option in India when we start thinking about a destination to celebrate Christmas with friends and family. Goa has very high spirits for the festival which is also driven by it's history and local culture. This Photo Journey shares some information about Goa and how it treats it's guests specially during Christmas and New Year.

Goa is one of the popular & must go destination which are seen in full bloom during Festival season of Christmas. The beach paradise of India is popularly known for its Christmas celebrations around the world and there are some genuine reasons for this.

Being a part of Goa during Christmas time  can surely make your vacations very special to live some of the memorable moments for life. But at the same time, it's very important to know that what should you do while in Goa and where to celebrate, when to do what and so on... To make best of Christmas celebrations in Goa, one should be prepared with all the details and prior plan of staying & joining relevant parties on beaches, casinos or cruises.

Christmas Parties are organized in different parts of Goa and all these churches are decorated beautifully to keep the festivity spirits high.

In this Photo Journey, I haven't used most appropriate images related to Christmas but thought of sharing photographs of Churches in Goa, which can be visited on Christmas day or evening. Other things like Beach Parties, Cruise dinners are marketed very well with everyone during Christmas season but a special beauty lies in these historical churches. I never visited these churches during Christmas but I am sure that most of them must be decorated very well for Christmas Evening.

One of the most famous activity on Christmas Eve in Goa is beach party. Most of the beaches organize something special for folks who come to Goa for having some special on Christmas. This is the time of year, when Goa is very crowded and it increases a lot during the Christmas Evening. If you prefer relatively lesser crowd on the beaches, then prefer to stay around South Goa. And if you are looking for something very special and a luxury affair, many of the good hotels in South Goa arrange private parties on beaches which are essentially accessible to folks living in that hotel. I know few of the hotels who do it every year and don't want to mention, as I have never experienced these parties personally.

Nightlife of Goa is already very popular across the world and some specific places are considered outstanding. And during Christmas festive season fun, energy and excitement inreases multiple times, and of-course the cost as well. Goa on Christmas gets really crazy with night clubs, rave parties, pubs, bars, resto-bars, restaurants, hotels, resorts, beach galas etc.

Goa Tourism also does some special arrangements during Christmas to expose everyone to the local Goan Culture & cuisines. Although some of the activities gets lost in the luster of big things happening in the city, but it's worth to visit some of these programs which have an authentic flavor of local culture and their own way of celebrating Christmas. 

Your India holidays and the visit to Goa would be incomplete if you don't experience cruising on Mandovi river or other parts of Goa. All these cruises are very well decorated for the Christmas Evening and if you want some personal and luxury affairs, there are possibilities for you to book in advance. But don't expect something exclusive when you are there in Goa. On the spot, things get extremely costly and at times some compromises. Taking a river cruise and exploring the compelling lighting in Panjim makes the experience cherishable.

So if you plan to visit Goa during Christmas or New year to celebrate the special moments with friends & family

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A white Christmas is referred to the presence of snow on Christmas Christmas Eve or Christmas Day depending on local tradition. This phenomenon is most common in the countries of the Northern Hemisphere. At the same time, Shimla always expects snow during the last week of December. Many of the folks reach Shimla to celebrate Christmas. Today Shimla has got snow and it seems that White Christmas is confirmed there. What about other parts of the world and who would witness the white Christmas in 2013?The definition of 'White Christmas' varies in different parts of the world. In most of the countries, it simply means that the ground is covered by snow on Christmas, but some countries have more strict definitions. In United States, people expect think layers of snow everywhere. In fact many of the countries have defined metrics to declare if it's a white Christmas or not. In UK, white Christmas simply means a complete covering of snow on Christmas Day... In the United Kingdom the most likely place to see snowfall on a Christmas Day is in North and North Eastern Scotland.In most parts of Canada it is likely to have a white Christmas every year, except for the coast and southern interior valleys of British Columbia, southern Ontario, southern Alberta, and parts of Atlantic Canada. Most part of Canada is already white and people are excited about white Christmas celebrations.This snow in Christmas not only creates excitement during Celebrations but also adds lot of fun thereafter. New Year celebrations with snow all around is one of the main excitement factors of White Christmas. It overall takes the excitement level high for a week at least, when most of the folks are busy in celebration Christmas & New Year. And everyone has different ways of celebrating Christmas in snow. Above photograph shows a enthusiastic biker riding on snow covered region during last week of December in Himalayan State of India - Himachal Pradesh.Although the term 'White Christmas' is usually referring to snow, if a significant hail accumulation occurs in an area on Christmas Day, which has happened in many of the areas in past including Melbourne. This results into white appearance of the landscape resembling snow cover, this can also be described as a White Christmas.Making Santa Claus of snow is one of the fun filled activity which kids enjoy the most. It's fun to make bigger Snowman and  dress him with red colored cap and a jacket to make him look like Santa. Now, caps comes with Santa masks, so it has become easy to make this snowman look like Santa. 10 year back, we had lot of fun celebrating Christmas on Ridge ground in Shimla, in front of Christ Church. A huge group of students made a 3-4 feel Santa Claus with fresh snow and lot of the folks were playing with snow-balls around it. What a celebration mood it was. Everyone around us was very cheerful with red noses due to chill around us :)For many of us, snow is synonymous with Christmas. Christmas cards, songs and movies all portray a 'white Christmas'. During my childhood, I used to think that when hills get snow, it's called as Christmas, because in most of the movies we have seen people celebrating Christmas either on grounds full of snow or parties in glass covered halls through which snowfall could be seen outside. However, for most parts of the United Kingdom, Christmas is right at the beginning of the period when it's likely to snow and at times it doesn't even happen. Looking at climate history, wintry weather is more likely between January and March than December and same applies to hilly regions of India.White Christmases were quite frequent in the 18th and 19th centuries and that where the expectations have set that Christmas almost every-time comes with snowfall. Over the decades, climate change has also brought higher average temperatures over land and sea and this generally reduced the chances of a white Christmas. I keep a closer track of snowfall in Shimla, which is one of the main celebration destination for Indians. Shimla hardly gets snowfall in last week of December, which used to happen many years ago. This year is very lucky that Shimla is alreadt white and folks are excited about the White Christmas in 2013 !!!In different parts of the world, people start tracking weather forecast to understand if white Christmas will happen or not. In fact, many of the local media channels start giving forecasts for different regions.White Christmas also comes with an opportunity for Travel enthusiats to move to the locations having snow and appropriate arrangements for celebrating Christmas or New year Eves. As an example, many of the Indian folks move towards Shimla, Manali or other towns to celebrate Christmas in snow. Today only Shimla has got snow and all hotel owners are excited to welcome more tourists to come to Shimla and enjoy the special festival in snow.Here we wish a White Christmas to everyone who is eagerly waiting for snow to come and add extra excitement to the celebrations. Merry Christmas !!!Lucky are those who can witness a White Christmas || Merry Christmas

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