Photography Portfolio - What it is and how to start? PART-1

When it comes to photography or photographer, there are two main aspects to it. One is it's Art angle and another is science involved. When it comes to final outcome as a Photograph your creative aspect defines art in that result and how well that creativity is converted into Photograph, knowledge of creativity comes in light.

When it comes to presenting your Photographic work, important things are -

- A specific set of photographs with clear vision in your mind.
- Artist part and synergy of whole set 
- How synchronized are different components of your portfolio
- Technically correctness also a must thing.

When a Portfolio is analyzed, various things are checked apart from main body of work. Things like - Seriousness of Artist, His/Her long term vision, Is s/he capable of Art industry which has different work culture and standards in terms of attitude & persistence. 

A successful portfolio presentation is absolutely necessary !!!

 This is my first learning. Whatever you present - Whether it's an amazing body work or a path breaking idea... bad presentation spoil everything. Presentation plays an important role in making some perception about your portfolio or body of work. They way you present and the way photographs are arranged; tells a lot about an artist/photographer. So choose best suitable way of presenting your work which match with kind of work you have and your genre...

Plan your Design in Best way possible...

When you have decided the way you are going to present the work. Next things are identify your work to be presented. First important thing is tough decision making. At times, we are emotionally attached to some art-works which may not be your best ones. So here, no emotions please. Just pick your best work and reject something where is any doubt.

When you are done with initial selection of your best work, next thing is to think about placement which give right idea about your vision. Clarity and Passion about your vision can be clearly judged by manner you put your body of work as a single piece.


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