Guideleines for post-processing People Portraits in Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom !!!

The very first thing that I tell people about editing - "Editing/Post-production is again an art which is not about following a sequence of steps, but understanding marvelous tools available and use them in your preferred way to reflect unique style of your artwork".

Most of the times I see people following presents, pre-defined steps or standard approaches to process photographs. This is fine when you want to do your work on bulk photographs without much focus of individuality of each Photograph. Which used to happen in wedding photography earlier. But nowadays post-processing of Wedding Photography has also reached to next level. Photographers are very specific for weeding photographs as well and with time people also want better results !!!

Here I will again request that just read this post by considering it one of the styles of processing people portraits rather considering this as fixed sequence of post-production steps....

Let's have a look at my usual way of processing People Portraits and I also expect my readers to add comments to further improve this post-production style !!!

Things to be noted while processing People Portraits -

1. Post-Production styles are usually different for babies, girls, boys and senior citizens. It also matters style of individual, profession, getup OR personality as a whole !!!

2. Final purpose of Photograph being processed. It's really important to know the purpose of using the photograph because it impacts the post-production style in big way.

3. A Photograph also conveys a lot apart from a person who is there as main subject. About the lighting in surrounding and other things in background. Although most of this should be taken care of while shooting, but it's also important while post-processing !!!

4. As a Post-Production expert, you would want to have a style which doesn't match with other and keeping it different in right sense. Also need to make sure that personal taste is not impacting overall personality and environment in the photograph being processed...

As of now, I am stopping myself here to continue other things in next post...

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