Do you understand Image Histrograms? - Understanding Histogram is very important while shooting or editing in Photoshop.

While Digital Technologies have made life bit easier for Photographers but still there are lot many things one should take care while clicking photographs or choosing them for editing. Histogram is one of the wonderful tools for photographers for doing their job efficiently. It's not only helpful while shooting but also for better selection of your photographs for processing and sharing further for printing or other professional usage. Before starting writing about this, I also searched on web and found various topics around the same. Some of them were -

Here I would want to leave you with this thought of using Histogram while shooting for processing your photographs in Photoshop or Lightroom. 

Going forward, we will discuss about meaning of Histogram and color coding in terms of RED, GREEN, BLUE, YELLOW, CYAN, MAGENTA and GREY !!! While all such colors are used in Histogram and what does it mean if any of the color is missing. Then we shall look at various shapes of histogram and how does it define a photograph. Finally the way Histogram behaves on editing your photographs like adjusting Exposure, increasing/decreasing blacks, playing with highlights and shadows etc. All these things are interesting and extremely useful at same time. So keep watching this place for more details.

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