How to click photographs with Continuous and Discrete Zoom-Effects to make them abstract/artistic

Few minutes back one of my office colleague came to my cabin to discuss about Photography and he had some good words about one my photograph which are unique among the others. After he left, I just thought about this photograph and though of sharing the basic technique to click such Photographs. It's a very simple process, so let's have a look at the final result before we start on detailed results.

The effect you see this photograph is called Zoom Effect and this one is showing discrete effect. By Discrete I mean that impressions of this building are not continuous but divided into equal levels which is challenging in one sense. 

By now, you might have guessed that how do we achieve this. So such shots are taken at very lower shutter speeds, so that we get enough time to play with Lens. So in this photograph was taken on Manual Mode by setting Shutter-speed of 20 Seconds. lens was in Zoomed Out state for first five minutes, that's why you see the building in the center as main portion and clear as well. Other layers are created by Zoom-in after each 3 seconds.

So such patterns are got by exposing a scene for a particular time and move to another frame and since shutter is up for a loner period of time, we shall get single photograph with such impressions. 

Since I love Night Photography, this is one of the techniques I try. Over the time, we also learn that what kind of structures would give better results. And also shot from front gives more powerful appeal rather than shot at some angle.

Quick Notes -

Preferred Shooting Modes - Manual OR Shutter-Priority

ISO Settings - Least Possible

Tripod is must for perfect Zoom Effects...

Zoom Lens is required. Prime Lenses would not be useful for this.

Starting from Zoomed Out state would give good results as compared to starting with Zoom-In.

With this, I would close this article by expecting an answer from you. Please see this photograph again and share the problems you see and some ideas about improving them further or reasons of those problems.

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