Photography Portfolio - Designing and Structuring it for better presentation : PART-2

In last post we discussed very basics about Photography Portfolio and mainly about it's structure and designing. Creating a portfolio is an essential part of presenting oneself as a photographer.

When it comes to designing the basic structure of your portfolio, few things need to  be taken care. Like -

      - Short and pleasant
      - Be choosy and Show quality
      - Diversified portfolios are always best ! Means extended range
      - Solid beginning and fantastic end : Strenght on extremes !
      - Don’t put it to popular vote
      - Freshness is important !

Quality matters, not quality. So keeping short with best quallity is the key. If people want to see more, they will look for it. And if they can’t find it, they will ask. Both of these consequences are good. I usually aim to include 10-15 images in a photography portfolio.

Only best images should go into the portfolio. Consistency and distinction in your images should be a key takeaway. Make  every image count and remove the ones which are under doubt.

What does this image say about me as a photographer/Artist? - It's an important question to pose while selecting each photograph. If there is diverse range in your photographs, they tend to confuse about main vision. It should not be confused with a lack of focus. 
Every image should work toward a singular goal of expressing your eye and capabilities as a photographer.

Start out with the best !!! But put the second best in front and best one after that.... If difference between the first 4 bests is least, you can think of putting like 4th best... 3rd on...

With your last image, you want to reinforce everything that has come before and end with the impression of excellence. This position is where your standout image goes... since it’s the last image in the set that the viewer will see. With the last piece, your goal is to leave a mark... So just make the viewer think about the excellent quality of work and if s/he thinks like seeing more... nothing can be better than this !!! Everything that isn’t your absolute best should go in the middle. Portoflio will be like a graph which starts form high goes down till middle and then starts going up and reach a new height  in the end.. do I make sense?

Portfolios should not be decided by a group like your friends or even mentors.... what is popular is not always what makes your eye or execution unique..

It’s always better be fresh. As you develop as a photographer and add different elements to your improved style, don’t neglect to reflect that growth in the portfolio.

Portfolio is a highly valuable tool for introducing oneself to an audience, especially with the ease of sending someone a link. Whether it’s used as a sales piece to land clients, an informative statement about one’s work and capabilities.... a portfolio is a great tool for making an effective and lasting impression. If someone is taking the time to look at your work, make it count.

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