Common Questions that are asked during every workshop I conduct on Lightroom

Today when I got a facebook message about Lightroom query, I thought of capturing some commonly asked questions on Lightroom. For now, I am going to share details about questions commonly asked during every workshop I conduct on Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

Q1. How Indian Photographers can get various offers on new version of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom?

Ans. This was one of the most difficult question to answer, as Adobe was not offering good services in India, when we talk about sale and delivery. But good news is that Adobe has come up with Adobe India ( and this offers exactly same schemes as they offer in America. As of now, people having Lightroom3 can upgrade to Lightroom for 4300 Rs and full version of LR4 is available at 8500+ Rs.

Q2. How many computers can use same License of Lightroom?

Ans. When we buy one copy of Lightroom, it can be installed on two computers but one should be in use as one point of time. (To know more about it, check out -

Q3. Do I need buy two copies of Lightroom, if I have one Windows Computer and an iMac?

Ans. Not really. Whenever you buy Lightroom, serial number works on iMac as well as Windows Computer. So you can install it on iMac as well as Windows Computer. Just make sure that you follow legal guidelines by Adobe, which say that only one computer should be in use at any point of time.

Q4. What are the disadvantages of using Lightroom4? Or What is the difference between Trial version and Serialized version of Lightroom?

Ans. There is no different between Trial and Full version of Lightroom, in terms of functionality or Features. Only difference is that Trial copy stops working after 30 days of installtion :). After Trial is expired, you need to buy the serial number and simply activate trial installed. No need to uninstall Trial and re-install it with serial again. It's it awesome ! Trial of Lightroom can be downloaded from -

 Q5.  Should we use only one Catalog or have multiple Catalogs for different types of Photographs?

Ans. This is one of the difficult question to answer because it's answer varies from person to person. Various factors that impact the answer are - Shooting frequency, Photography Style, Business Model etc. I recommend to read following article to better understand this and you can go to the bottom of this article in case not interested in all the details -

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