Shring Rishi Gufa and picnic in Sirmour, Himachal Pradesh (By Narender Sharma)

This is first PHOTO JOURNEY by Narender Sharama who is a great fan of exploring places and this story also belongs to an unexplored region of Himachal Pradesh ! Check out ....

Its been few months when Nikon D90 was added to the gadget list and no doubt it was a wonderful addition which gel with the hobby of travelling within the country and abroad as well !!! D90 is awesome camera to have and recently it's capturing various Photo Stories from UK, India and various parts of Himachal Pradesh !!!

This is holy Cave where Shring Rishi has meditated long back. This is natural cave and 30KMs from Sarahan, Sirmour (Himachal Pradesh). People rarely know about this place. My last visit to this place was 15 years back, when my schoolmate got married to village nearby..

After climbing few stairs to the place we reached the entry of this cave.. This Photograph was shot just outside...

Here is another Photograph at same place with most of the people !!!

Who will go first out of "3 Idiots"? Sab Darpok hain...

Touch and feel of rocks...

Let's have one photograph with kids... Usually I was the one to click most of the photographs and then wanted to have few of mine as well :)

There are marvelous shapes inside these caves and these are very smooth to touch...

Kittu with her Mom at some height inside the cave... Isn't it looking like some bollywood scene...

Water droplets descending from stones..

There are some smaller caves linked to the main one.. but since, they are very narrow no one knows, if they are actually longer or just few feet from the main cave...

Natural "ShivLing" deep inside Cave where entry for routine visitors are forbidden as there are no light arrangements till this point
Entry here onwards are prohibited as there is no natural light arrangement.

3 idiots showing off their body and think that "Mine is better than other two " :)

Overall it was wonderful outing with kids and all of us enjoyed a lot !!!


YOu are most welcome !!!

btw, nice captures of this love;y place !!!

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