"JAAT HI POOCHHO SADHU KI" play during Summer Theatre Festival 2011 @ National School of Drama, Delhi

Here is PHOTO JOURNEY through "JAAT HI POOCHHO SADHU KI" play of Summer Theatre Festival 2011 @ National School of Drama, Delhi... 

The play opens with a long narrative by Mahipat Babharuan, who gives a hilarious biological sketch of his life. His only aim is to become an M.A. before bidding goodbye to this world. He encounters countless rejections, spends some time classifying the rejection slips, indulges in an analysis spree and ultimately starts his study of Sifarishism (Nepotism), which he believes is the best weapon available today.

Mahipat becomes a lecturer with Swargia Maha Jee gaya Bai Sootram Kala Vigyan Mahavidyalaya wihtout any use of influence simply because he is the only candidate and the institution is located in the remote area. By the end of the play he is back in his old position, that of an educated unemployed young man.

Playwright : Vijay tendulkar
Translation : Vasant Dev
Direction : Rajinder Nath
Duration : 1 Hr 50 Mins (Hindi Play)

Director's Note - "More than 30 years ago, on October 13, 197, to be precise, this play saw the light in the Basement Theatre at the Shri Ram Centre. It was kept alive for almost 10 years and 'perhaps' has the distinction of having the longest run and highest number of shows for a play in Delhi. In 1996 it was revived, but briefly, because some of the lead actors left Delhi in 1997...  "

"After 25 years the production was revived  again for the Sangeet Natak Akadami Festival in October 2003, with the same lead players. Of all the plays (comedies) written in any Indian Language I know of, I consider JAAT HI POOCHHO SADHU KI the best. Despite having a simple plot it's biting staire in all pervasive. The play questions out many tposy-turvy values, institutions nad priorities. And it delights one and all."

Director is the play, Ranjinder Nath began his career as a lecturer of English Literature at various colleges of Delhi University from 1961 to 1994. As a matter of conviction he has produced only Indian Plays. His major Productions include plays by Vijay Tendulkar, C.T. Khonolkar, J.P. Deshpande, Debasis majumdar, Manoj Mistra, Madhu Rye, Mohan Rakesh, Bhishma Sahni, Girish Karnad, satish Alekar and Mohit Chatterjee.

A founder member of "Abhyan", Ranjinder Nath is now it's Director. He was also the Director of Shri Ram Centre for Arts and culture from 1976 to 1981 and from 1983 to 1989. He is Founder Editor of Theatre India (1998-2003) and is a recipient of many national awards including the Sangeet Natak Kala Aademi Awards in 1977.

Here are two main characters of the play - Mahipat and Nalini.. Mahipat character is played by Mr. Ambrish Saxena and nalini by Rakhi Kumari....

Mahipat and Nalini are sitting in Hindi department of college and other professors silently listening to their conversations... Professors are - Punj Prakash, Naveen Singh Thakur, Ajit Singh Palawat and Md. Abdul Kadir Shah !!! (Left to Right)

Here Chairman of college and uncle of Nalini caught both of them together at Mahipat's house !! Role is played by Mr. Suresh Sharma, a senior actor of NSD Repretory Co.

Here Putna Mausi of Nalini started visiting college with her so that Mahipal and she can't talk anything unofficial.. So she is sitting to track her activities... Role is played by Ipshika Chakraborty !!!

Here is another interesting character in this play.. His name in play is Babna and he is son of Village's Pradhan !! Role is played by Sukumar Tudu and he is one of the wonderful character of the play who always made us laungh throughout his presence on the stage !!!

Mahipal is convincing Babna to go to Chairman's house and bring Nalini with him, without telling anyone at house...

By mistake he brought Mausi and now both of them are worried about next plan of action :)

Other folks in cast -

Ishwar Bhai - Punj Prakash
Ve - Naveen Singh Thakur
Laundary Wala - Moti Lal Khare
Hanuman Seth - Dwarika Dahiya
Sarja Singh - Pramod kumar

Principal - Anoop Trevedi
Students - Dwarika Dahiya, Joy Meetei, Manish Mishra, Pramod Kumar, Jagannath Kumar, jagannath Seth, Sunil Upadhyay
Purohit - Maisnam Joy Meetei

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