Comrade Kumbhakaran - A Wonderful play during Summer Theatre Festival 2011 at National School of Drama Delhi

"Comrade Kumbhakarana" was fourth play of Summer Theatre Festival 2011 which had four shows in Sammukh at National School of Drama, Delhi !!!

A small theatre group (headed by a rural diva) in the middle of nowwhere performs unimportant plays which are based on the Ramayana. These plays don't singal artistic achievement, nor do they constitute a movement. 

The group has accepted our musical and our glorius past (now present) simply because the past refuses to go away. The rural diva is an expert in the oral tradition of the Ramayana. The young actor (the rural diva's son) plays Kumbhakarana - and grows up in such a milieu. 

To skew things, his grandfather and father are part of the Self Respect Movement. He is unable to draw a distinction between the real achievements of ratonal movement and what he sees as the excesses of a cultural fraud. He follow his rationalist dreams because all around he sees the relics of a descedent culture which reeks of affectation and phoniness, plus the leisure-dreams of upper caste, upper class society. 

In the mean time, due to his ancestral past in Self Respect Movement, he has a special interpretation of his role as Kumbhakarana. This role means to him -

1. A Reason to live
2. Counter-Culture 

The young actor deals with  both, but his main polemical interest is in the second. He aims to cut the icons of Ramayana down to size. Much of his approach is straightforward. he chronicles what its heros, leaders, groups and movements actually said, did and achieved, as opposed to what "official" observers believed they did.

The young actor who specializes in performing Kumabhakarana is arrested. An interrogation begins. The lines between real and unreal start of blur. 

'Comrade Kumbhakarana' is a new play in Summer Thatre Festival this time and it's directed by Mohit Takalkar.

Cast of "Comrade Kumbhakarana" includes :

Mr. Naveen singh Thakur as Kumbhakarana
Mr. Ajit Singh Palawat  also played the role of Kumbhakarana

Twin Sisters - Rakhi Kumari, Anamika, Tina Bhatiya, Sunanya Shukla
Amma - Ajida 

Appa - Punj Prakash
Man with Black Shirt - Sukumar Tudu
Inspector - Sukumar Tudu
Daku - Sukumar Tudu
Man with wine bottle - Sukumar Tudu

Troupe - Sapna Khatana, Kanhiya Lal Kaithwas, Jaggannath Seth, Masnam Joy Meetei, Emmanuel Singh, Ambrish Saxena

Manager - Sukumar Tudu
Men with Manager - Pramod Kumar, Sunil Upadhyay

Atar Singh - Dwarika Dahiya
Ramashankar Tripathi - Anoop Trivedi
Madan X - Iqshita Chakraborty

Drunkards/Police - Sukumar Tudu, Pramod Kumar, Manish Kumar, Sunil Upadhyay

Typist - Moti Lal Khare

Lepers - Pramod Kumar, Manish Kumar, Ambrish Saxena, Sunil Upadhyay, Palash Protim Mac, Punj Prakash, Sukumar Tudu.

A Lovely play to watch and wonderful Actors !!!

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 Comrade Kumbhakaran - A Wonderful play during Summer Theatre Festival 2011 at National School of Drama Delhi

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