"Begum ka Takia" play by Mr. Ranjit Kapoor during Summer Theatre Festival 2011 @ National School of Drama, Delhi, INDIA

Here is PHOTO JOURNEY through "BEGUM KA TAKIA" play of Summer Theatre Festival 2011 @ National School of Drama, Delhi... 

This was third time I watched this play and it's always interesting to see it again n again... 

This time all the shows were in Kamani while last year a very good setup was installed in NSD ground which had appropriate placement of all the things and it was very convenient to enjoy to the play in better way !!!

Some of the characters of this play are simply awesome and no words to explain the dialog delivery.

Here is one of the shot when Begum is talking to Meera on the site where haveli is being built !!!

Some discussions between two brothers - Peera and Meera (Saudagar Ameer Ali :) )

Begum ka Takia is the tale of two brothers who share the same blood, the same bread and the same roof. But wealth and women create a chasm between them.

Blood turns to water and bread to dust and ashes.

Greed, desire, Karma and Non-Karma are locked  in a tussle. The invisible weaves the webs of prearranged desinies while mortals struggle on with their dreams and ambitions. 

The intricate and absorbing patterns of the vicissitudes of the life are unraveled by Faqir Darya Shah and their reality revealed to us through the eyes of his disciple, Qtra Shah.

The located of the this story is set in a small village of masons and bricklayers. This is the story of their lives as told by them.

Novel - Pt. Anand Kumar
Script design and Direction - Ranjit Kapoor
Duration - 2 Hrs 40 mins
Hindi Play

Director's Note - "The wheel of time has turned full circle, History is repeating itself. I have returned to the world of Theatre. In earlier years I had visited occasionally, but this time, I have returned with the intention of staying...."

"PEER SHAH MANEIN TO PARESHANI HAI - these words of Dariya Baba have always been a source of great strenght to me, and I will continue to live by them even now."

"It is a my desire that whatever time I have left in this world should be spent practicing theatre. This, I believe is where my redemption lies."

"Mero man anat kahan sukh pave,
jaise uri jahaj ko panchhi, puni jahaj pe aave."

"Where else will this soul of mine find happiness.
Like a Bird on a ship, no matter where it flies, it will return to the ship"

ABOUT DIRECTOR RANJIT KAPOOR - Born in Sihor, Madhaya Pradesh on 9th June 1948, he started his theatre career initially with a Parsi theatre Company owned by his father, which travelled widely to various parts of the country.

Between the years 1965 to 1971 Ranjit wrote a number of poems and stories which were published in Sarika and other magazines of the period.

In 1973 he joined the National School of Drama, where he recieved the best Director Award for his Diploma production Woyzech, a German play. By 1977 he joined the NSD Repretory Company, where he had to his credit plays like Begum ka Takia and Mukhya Mantri. In 1979 he resigned  from NSD repretory and went on to work as an independent, freelance director while travelling across the country in cities and states like Delhi, bengal, Banglore, bhopal, Lucknow, Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh.

Ranjit's  well known plays include EK RUKA HUA FAISLA, Woyezech, Sher-Afgan, Bichchu, KAUA CHALA HANS KI CHAL, Bury the Dead, Ek Ghora chhe Savar, Ek Sansdiya Samiti ki Uthak Baithak, Pair Tale ki Zameen, khoobsurat bahu, Kuru Kuru Swaha, Ek Mamooli Aadmi, Janpath Kiss, Mera dost Bhoothnath, Court Martial, hum rahe na hum, and Autiyon ka tehalka amongst others.

CAST :- 
Dariya Shah - Naveen Singh Thakur
Qtra Shah - Pramod Kumar / Manish Mishra
Peera - sunil Upadhyay
Meera - Punj Prakash
Bundu Chacha - Dwarika Dahiya
Nuru - Abdul Kadir Shah
Raunak - Anamika/Sajida
Amina - Sapna Khatana/Teena Bhatiya
kariman - Tina Bhatiya/ Iqshipta Chakroborty
Sabrang - Ambrish Saxena
sarfu - Masnam Joy Meetei
Allabande - Anoop Trevedi
Alijaan - Sukumar Tudu
Shakuran - Rakhi Kumari
Chorus - Jitendra shastri, Manish Mishra, Pramod, Emmauel Singh, Jagannath, Palash, Sunaina Shukla, Tina bhatiya, Ipshita Chakrobarti, Rakhi Kumari, Sajida, Anamika, Kanhiyalal

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