KAFKA - EK ADHYAY : Summer Theatre Festival 2011 ended with this play @ Sammukh, National School of Drama, Delhi, INDIA

Here is PHOTO JOURNEY through "KAFKA - EK ADHYAY" play of Summer Theatre Festival 2011 @ National School of Drama, Delhi... 

The play is set in a sanatorium where Kafka has been admitted for his tuberculosis treatment. His girlfriend, Felicia, comes to meet him and the ward boy goes to his room to inform him about his vistor.
But when he enters the room to inform him about the vistor. But when he enters the room he finds Kafka in the bathroom, and it is from here that his journey into the past begins.

As he moves backwards in time, we recieve glimpses into his relationships with his mother, Dora, Felicia, Otla and his father and through them we get to know about the life and the views of Kafka, the man.

However, as the play ends the audience realizes that Kafka is no longer alive and that the incidents occuring had simply been playing in the mind during the last moments of his life.

Director, Suresh Sharma's Note : "I see Kafka as a psychologicaly complex character. The ups and downs of his life inspired me to know more about him and the more I read about him, the more my interest in him grew, fueling my need to acquire greater information about him..."

"In this context, I was inspired to do this production by a bringing together of his memoirs, his letters to his father, Felicia and Milena; his views on Theatre, art, literature , cinema and youth; and the effects of world War 2. Letter to father is my launch pad and it is based on this that we can analyze his reactions and views on different subjects. I am very thankful to Mr. Bansi Kaul and Mr. Asif Ali Haider Khasn and my team to have been with me through the entire process of making this play."

About Director, Mr. Suresh Sharma - with Diplomas and specialization in acting from both the Bhartendu Natya Academy and the NSD, Suresh sharma began work as freelance theatre worker with Delhi-based group, Sambhav. In 1985-1986 he did his fellowship on Nautanki of Uttar Pradesh under the guidance of Gulab Bai and Mudraraksha. He later established the only non-governmental repretory in district of Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, which he went on to expand into fully residential theatre academy.

An accomplished translator, director and actor, Shri Sharma has been the Artistic Director of Shri Ram centre for Performance Art in Delhi. A recipient of various awards like those of the Sahitya Kala Parishad and the Sangeet Natak Akademi for his play Mohan, he has directed several plays including Andha Yug, Oedipus, Adhe Adhure, Juloos, and many more.

Kafka-Ek Adhyay

Playwright - Asif Ali Haider
Direction - Suresh Sharma
Duration - 1 Hr 30 Mins, Hindi


KAFKA - Sajjad Husain Khan
Father - Naveen Singh Thakur
Felisia Bawre - Sapna Khatana
Otla - Anamika

Gustav - Sukumar Tudu
Mother - Daksha Sharma
Milena, Dora Diamond - Sajida
Ward Boy - Abdul Kadir Shah

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