Blood Wedding play during Summer Theatre Festival 2011 @ National School of Drama, Delhi

Here is PHOTO JOURNEY through BLOOD WEDDING play of Summer Theatre Festival 2011 @ National School of Drama, Delhi

Blood Wedding is a tale of a community of people who are bound passionately to the savage landscape in which they live and toil in order to grow and nourish life. 

However, mixed with this beauty and vitality is a poinonous history of family feuds, and most young women must endure a lifetime of windowhood and bitterness as they watch generations of young men grow old enough to fall in love, procreate  and bleed on the end of another young man's knife. 

There is a sense of inevitable tragedy linked with what it means to be a passionate Spaniard in Lorca's work. What he tells us is  that in order to feel this "duende" which is, in sum, "the spirit of the earth", we must risk the dangers that accompany it, and those who have duende, cannot help but suffer the consequences.   

Playwright:- Federico Garcia Lorca
Transalation :- Dr. Mahendra Kumar
Design and Direction :- Neelam Man Singh Chowdhary
Duration :- 1 Hr 40 Mins

Director's Note :- "Surjit Patar who translated the play into Punjabi from English was then transalted into Hindi from the Punjabi version by Dr. Mahendra Kumar. Both the texts get thier resonance and cadence from an imagery taken from the land-harvesting, ploughing, fecundity and serility leitmotif that are all too familiar in our own cultural context...."

"In a passionate culture so filled with a rich tradition of music and petry dedicated to the celebration of love, there remain heavy restrictions against the individual and his right to act on his impulses. Anyone who lets his duende get carried away may also find himself returned to the soil from which he has sprung, his blood nourishing the crops that will feed another generation that will again struggle with the same themes of their forebears."

"BLOOD WEDDING highlights the struggle between the passions of individualism and tradition, and celebrates the rough terrible beauty of a nature that both elevates the soul and destorys it"  

 About Director of Blood Wedding : Neelam Man Singh Chowdhary graduated from the National School of Drama in 1975. From 1976 to 1979 she worked in children's theatre in Mumbai. She has worked in "Bharat Bhawan", the multi-arts complex in Bhopal, reaching theatre in the department of Indian Theatre Punjab University since 1999 and of which she is presently the chairperson...

Neelam Formed her own theatre company called "The Company", which has been working together for last twenty years  and is mix of rural actors and urban performers. It was established in 1984 in Chandigarh and create theatre that fuses source material with a performance style grounded in Punjabi Aesthetics. All the plays produced by The company have been translatd by the eminent poet Surjeet Patar, with music composed by BV Karnath.

Neelam's The Company has participated in major national and international festivals, including the London international festival of Theatre festival's Avingnon, The festival of Perth, The singapore Art Festival, Loakoon Festival of Hamburg, The Japan Festival of Arts and Zanani festival in Lahore.

Cast of Blood Wedding includes :

Mother - Sajida and Anamika
Son - Jagannath Seth/Mahesh Kumar
Dahi Wali - Dwarika Dahiya

Wife - Rakhi Kumari
Lover - Ajit Singh Palwat/ Maisnam Joy Meetei
Bride - Tina bhatia / Ipshita Chakraborty

Maid - Emmanaul Singh / Sapna Khatana
Father - sukumar Tudu
Bride's friend - Sunaina Shukla
Moon - Pramod Kumar
Begger Women - Punj Prakash / Abdul Kadir Shah
Wood Cutters - Sunil Upadhyay, Ambrish Kumar Saxena, Anoop Trevedi
Looms - Manish Kr. Mishra and Palash Protim mech
Baraties - All Repretory Artists and Muscians
Singers - Pamela Singh, Naveen Singh Thakur, Sunaina Shukla, Sunil Upadhyay, Sapna Khatana, Anoop Trivedi, manish Mishra, Jitendra shastri, mehar Chand and Motilal Khare.
Musicians - mehar Chand, Mundri lal, Amarjit, Bahadur and Satnaam

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