Why Air Vistara is my last choice for booking domestic as well as International flights for Travel - Just 'Walk the Talk'

Vistara has been my choice of Airlines since when they entered into the business and I don't need to list down the reasons why, as they have done good branding, marketing and I would say, they offer good services as well. Then why I am saying it's my last choice for booking flights? I have been taking Vistara most of the times and I took last Vistara flight in March, from London to Delhi. After that few events happened which bothered me and it's hard for me to keep doing business with vendors who I don't find professional. What does that mean? Let me try to share my story in engaging way so that I don't bore you and at the same time make your aware about the realities when things don't go well. That's the biggest challenge with most of the services we get in India. Things are fine as long as they work and suddenly everything falls apart when something breaks in terms of service, process or quality. 

If you have take Vistara flights, you must be receiving those emails for enrolling for Club Vistara. Now that I had taken few flights in recent past, my greed to accumulate points made me sign-up on their website. Unfortunately I couldn't locate all Vistara boarding passes but added whatever I had. I could log-in and check these details well. 

In the month of may, I went to the website thinking that I will use these reward points to book flights and to my surprise, I was not able to Login and was shown following message - "Customer account status is Suspended". I checked login credentials again to be sure if I was using right details. It was 28th of May and on the same day, I tweeted to Air Vistara for help on this. I received prompt response - "Dear Customer, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please share your Club Vistara ID via DM to be able to assist you. Thanks, Sonal."

I immediately shared my Club Vistara ID through DM and I received immediate message : "Dear Customer, we request you to write to our Club Vistara Team at contactus@airvistara.com, along with the boarding pass for any Vistara flight taken and self-attested government ID proof from your registered E-mail ID and they will be assisting you in reinstating your account. Thanks, Sonal."

I did the above and responded again within few mins that it's done. To that, I received following message : "Deat Customer, we have also highlighted this to our Club Vistara team and you will be hearing from them soon. Please allow us 5-7 working days. Your patience in the interim will be highly appreciated. Thanks, Sonal."

Yesterday (14th June'22) I was doing another flight booking and that reminded me about the email I had sent to contactus@airvistara.com. I double checked if I missed any response from them. There was no response.

Now I retweeted to check the status : "@airvistara - As per your message, the email was sent on provided email-id with appropriate documents on 28th May and there is no response yet." and now the real DRAMA began.

Here is the response I received : "Dear Customer, we apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please share your Club Vistara ID via DM to be able to assist you. Thanks, Sonal."

To that, I reply - "@airvistara- please read your messages and stop these auto-responses. Club Vistara no was already shared on 28th with you in Twitter message. Please check the same."

Then I received another response stating that they haven't recieved any email : "Dear Customer, as checked, we have not received the request from the registered E-mail ID. Request you to share a self-attested Govt. ID proof that mentions the full name and complete DOB along with a stamped boarding pass copy OR e-ticket copy via DM. Thanks,"

Now I checked my mails to ensure if I got any auto-response of email-bounce or if I sent the email from wrong email-id. There was nothing like that. Now I checked emails sent by Vistara on my birthday (12th May), which was sent to the email-id which was used by me. So there is no scope of doubt now. I shared both screenshots in the tweet, which was ignored for multiple hours. Then I sent a reminder to respond after 4 hours. Then response came from other side on wrong tweet that they are waiting on me. Now I started feeling helpless and started typing this experience here. May be I should not follow-up further and let Vistara run their business this way. I found it very unprofessional and frustrating.

Anyone interested in following the real thread, please do check the tweet below and look at the tweet-chain.



Right now I am also guessing if it's human on the other side or bot. Anyways, that doesn't matter.

If I reflect back, I was happy without being part of Club Vistara. Vistara did marketing and my greed for points landed me on their website. I feel sad to waste my time on this and it's such experience which pulls you back from subscribing to companies like Air Vistara. Hope I learn from this experience and save my time & peace :).

( P.S. - It's 1:40am of 15th June right now when I finished this blog. So going to sleep after clicking 'Publish')

Vistara - Best Wishes to you !

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