The Famous Kutty's South Indian Cafe, Janpath, New Delhi || Reasonably Priced Delicious Dosas, Idlis, and Vadas

 Now I was little hungry after this long walk, so we planned to go to the famous Kutty's to have some south Indian food. This small place is near Jantar Mantar Ground and serves fresh and delicious dosas, idlis, Vadas. There are few small shops close to Kutty's who serve hot/cold beverages, Indian chat options and a naan place. Supposedly this naan place is also very good, so hopefully we will go there for naans as well.

After a lot of inertia, we managed to pull ourselves out of our home on Saturday and head to Delhi. We had some work at the India Habitat Center and then had the evening free. We got free at around 6:30PM and Vijay happened to mention the South Indian Cafe in Janpath. After that, both of us started craving South Indian food very badly. 

We had never been to this cafe before, but had heard a lot about it from friends. We decided that even if we are not able to find this cafe, we will head to Sarvana Bhawan to satisfy our craving. However, that need did not arise. The famous cafe is on Google Maps. We were able to find it quite conveniently. 

After a delicious meal at Kutty's, we headed back and after a few meters we saw Kerala House on our left. We took a small stop at the canteen which is located on other road which is on backside of the Kerala House. We got some stuff packed for dinner/breakfast.    Post Pandemic, it was first time we left home to go to these places where we used to go frequently. So an evening very well spent after a long time.

There is enough parking here though it is unorganised. There are three shops here but the largest crowd was in front of the South Indian Cafe. They have a small menu, nothing fancy. They have plain dosas, masala dosas, rawa masala dosas, utthapams, upma, idli, and vada. And of course some really delicious unlimited serving of Sambhar and Coconut Chutney.

We ordered Rawa Masala Dosas and took the plates back to our car. Even though the cafe is so popular, there is no real seating arrangement there. People normally keep the plates on the bonnets of their cars and eat standing. That too is a good option on pleasant evenings, and Saturday evening wasn't too bad. 

And the Rawa Masala Dosa, it was out of this world. Crispy and crunchy and the masala was amazing too. And the Coconut Chutney and Sambhar - Just perfect! Only complaint was that the sambhar was too hot. We had to let it cool a bit else it burnt out mouths. But then that is nitpicking. 

We also wanted to try vadas and idlis, but the dosa was too filling. But on second thoughts, we should have had a filter coffee at least. That would have nicely wrapped up the dinner. Anyway, the place is highly recommended, especially on pleasant evenings.  

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