How to avoid Parking Scam of Orchha and park your car comfortably at different places of the town for 30 Rs only, along with tips for Free & safe parking slots

When you are in Orchha Town of Madhya Pradesh, you go to different places across the town and if you are in your own car it's important to know how parking works in Orchha. We will keep this blogpost short without compromising on details you need to know. 

First let me explain how car parking works in Orchha :

Orchha municipality has fixed parking ticket for 30 Rs and you have to buy it one time. Wherever you go, just show the parking ticket to the person taking care of a parking areas. 

There are places in Orchha, where you don't need to pay any car parking or places where there are not authorised parking areas:

1. If you take your car inside Orchha Palace gate, there is free car parking at the end of the road and there is huge space which is safe as well. You don't need to pay any parking for this.

2. There is no parking area around Lakshmi  Temple but there is enough space around the road to park your car and visit temple. 

3. If you visit Kalp-Vriksha, you can simply park the car around the road and see it. 

4. There is big parking close to Raja Ram Temple. Same parking can be used when you visit Chaturbhuj Temple or Orchha Palace. Other way to say is, park your car here and visit all these places in one go and they are accessible at walking distances.

5. There is parking area around Orchha Chhatris and ghats of Betwa river. 

Parking scams in Orchha:

1. When you are going to Orchha Palace, you will see some people ask you to park around the road and they will also help you find space. This is not authorised parking. When you park the car after taking their help, they will ask random money after seeing how big your car is :). So don't stop outside the Palace and go inside, where you will find enough parking space and that too for free. 

2. When you go to authorised parking and get parking ticket, at times they will not ask for the money upfront like what happens in cities like Delhi/Noida. When you return back, they ask for money and ticket. Now they will take the ticket, even when this ticket is for a day. So whenever you get the ticket, pay upfront and keep the ticket with you for whole day. 

3. Some smart people must be cooking new tricks, so be aware and read other blogs so that you don't feel cheated when you are there to enjoy and have fun.  

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