Thailand Tourism beyond Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket

Few days back PHOTO JOURNEY team participated in a travel discussion with folks from Thailand Tourism and other Travel bloggers/enthusiasts in Delhi. There were few folks, who had explored Thailand well and still keep planning various trips to different parts of Thailand. This was an interesting meet and  we learned a lot about the tourist friendly country.

We spoke about the various festivals of Thailand and it was quite surprising to know that several of Thai festivals and even names of the places have their parallels in Indian culture. For example, the festival of jia chai (also known as the Phuket Vegetarian Festival) coincides with the Hindu Navratre.

Some places in Thailand as well share the names with ancient cities in India. For example, Ayutthaya, which sounds very similar to our very own Ayodhya.

Ms Runjuan Tongrut, Director, Tourism Authority of Thailand, talked about Women travelling solo in Thailand, the various customs, and the various tourist destinations in Thailand that are popular with Indians. 

We watched some really interesting video clips that featured Dancing Elephants, markets that fold to let a train pass, various interesting festivals etc. From the video if seemed that if you time your trip right, there's a lot more to experience in Thailand apart from pristine beaches, awesome food, and warm hospitality.

We browsed through several brochures and for people like us who have never been to Thailand, the place seems like a must-visit. And we may plan our trip soon. Below are few more photographs from this evening.

We hope to visit Thailand soon and bring you more Photo Journeys of different interesting experiences from this country.

Photographs courtesy - Kunzum (Hauz Khas Village)

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