My Client is not able to see the changes I had done in Adobe Photoshop Elements? || Editing JPEGs in Adobe Camera Raw

Recently one of the user reported this problem on Adobe Forums that she converted her colorful photograph into Black and White. When she sent the photograph to client, he is seeing all the colors of that photograph and not in black&white form. At the same time, for her photographs looks black&white. Wondering how it can happen?

It can happen with JPEG photographs if you have processed them in Adobe Camera Raw dialog. And it's not limited to color processing, it can also shown difference in Exposure, Brightness, Blacks, Fill-Light, Recovery or any other control you use. It's quite possible in following workflow.

1. Open a JPEG in Adobe Camera Raw dialog.
2. Do all necessary changes in the JPEG and click DONE.
3. Open this JPEG again in Adobe Camera Raw :: You will see all the changes.
4. Send this Photographs to someone else or open in other application/software. It will show the original JPEG.

Now how to solve it -

Whenever you are processing your JPEGS in Adobe Camera Raw, after doing appropriate changes don't click DONE. Instead click on 'Open Image' and save the resulting file as a new JPEG. Now share new JPEG with other folks. Hope this clarifies things for you. Please feel free to comment back with your experiences or if you have any specific queries.

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