Life with you is no work at all

'Life with you is no work at all' is an apt phrase to describe this sweet couple we came across in one of the Himalayan villages in Himachal Pradesh. Both of them were 80+ and were, touchwood, very active. And notice the amount of weight they are carrying. They were bringing this from a nearby forest and graciously stopped to let me to click their photograph. They even threw in these cute smiles as a bonus. 

After this shot, I walked with them till their house in the village (Sarahan - in Kullu district). I also offered help in carrying the stuff, but they refused with a smile. That smile seemed to say 'this is not your cup of tea :)'. It was good to know more about the couple and their daily routine. Both of them were completely dependent on farming and spend most of their time in their farms. Twice in a day, they bring grass for cattle and once in a while firewood, when it is needed. Both of them make sure that they have their evening tea together at home. 

Travel exposes you to so many rewarding experiences. There were many special things about this couple and the way they lead their lives. We shall be sharing a detailed Photo Journey about this couple soon. 


Beautiful both pics, especially the portrait of the smiling old man
Thanks Puru :) I also love this shot...
Unknown said…
Wow, great pictures! Thanks for popping by my blog - happy to discover yours-its awesome:-)
Eli - Thanks :) Happy to hear that you liked the photographs.
Indu Sharma said…
nice pics !!! Loved the Caption "Life with you is no work at all".

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