SEVEN BADRIS, FIVE KEDARS AND FIVE PRAYAGS - By Shankar Rajaram || Part-4 (Day 6,7,8 & 9)

Hope you enjoyed day-1 , day-2/3 and day4/5 of this journey.
6th day :

This day’s trek was downward one to Sagar which is covered by variety of medicinal and green plants.  Here the vegetation was very dense and high and walking amidst he plants was really enjoyable. On the way to Sagar, you come across many, tiny villages. When we reached Sagar main road and waited for the van to Chopta. In the meantime, I got visit to one prachinShiv temple, about 1 km distance from main road. In the evening, we reached Chopta and stayed in tents.  The climate in Chopta is slightly different from other regions we had been. Chopta has very many small shops. Tunganath our third Kedar is situated at the height of 3680m and is the hightest among the Kedars.
7th day :

As per schedule we started for darshan of the Lord at Tunganath temple. The Trek is about 3km upwards. Enroute you will find lush green meadows and the vista of the capped Himalayan range. Tunganath temple is the place where Shiva’s hands were supposedly seen.  The region receives heavy snowfall during winters. The trek route goes through rocky terrains, green meadows and rhododendron bushes showing us with visual vistas of nature.  The invigorating views of the imposing Himalayas boosted the confidence in the heart of all the trekkers. After darshan, we trekked to Chandrasheela, hardly a Km from Rudranath. There is a small temple of Ganga Mata. All the mountains of the region are visible from this altitude. Felt like it is the heaven on earth. The day ends with full of satisfaction and one of the travelers who stayed in another tent is overjoyed with my presence after hearing my experiences and trips and treks.
8th day :
The cooks, the guide returned to Joshimath and the fellow trekkers have left for Haridwar.  I was left alone to proceed to Ukhimath to join with Baldev, the guide from Peak Adventure. Baldev is a very lovable and affectionate person and I know him from the previous trek. The transport from Ukhimath was upto Unaina only and from there we trekkied upto Gaundhar via Ransi village. There were a few, small eating places in Ransi and Gaundhar.  The trek is about 6km to reach Gaundhar from Unaina and we stayed in a lodge at Gaundhar.
9th day :
Madhmaheshwar is situated at an attitude of 3265mtrs above sea level. I started my trek at early hours of the day (early morning) to Madhmaheshwar. As it was a lengthy trek. On both sides of the trek path you can found huge trees standing like a mountain. Madhmaheshwar is amidst the snow-capped Himalayan region. On the right side, lush green alpine meadows on the left side dense forest act as its backdrop. The temple architecture is classic north Indian style. Here Lord Shiva is worshipped in the form of navel shaped lingam. There is a small temple at the top called Buda Madhmaheswar and we trekked there. Had darhsan and from there one can enjoy the sights of silver lined Chaukumba Mountain.  After darshan of Madhmaheswar and Buda madhmaheswar temple, I had lunch at a local hotel. I enjoyed the food prepared by the people and they served with utmost affection. I was moved by the unbounded affection shown by these people. Normally people would stay there and return the next day but I came back in the same day. This was widely appreciated by the fellow trekkers who started the trek along with me from the base camp. We stayed in the same hotel on that day.
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