A sunset to remember - Tanah Lot, Bali - Land in the Middle of the Sea || By Bhavna Negi

My Favorite places in Bali is Tanah Lot. This place is really beautiful, and the view is magnificent. This sacred temple in Bali is used as the main service area for devotees to offer prayers and to meditate as well.  

Tanah Lot is derived from the words “Tanah” meaning a rock or land, while “Lot” or “Lod” means south or the sea. Therefore Tanah Lot means the Rock by the Sea.
Famous for it spectacular panoramas, it is a popular tourist and cultural icon for photography and general exoticism. 

More notably is the sunset during dawn when the sun starts to disappear. All the visitors to Tanah lot are amazed by it’s beautiful panorama. It is also famous for one of those hand-in-hand 'romantic' walk and family picnic spots.

The temples of Tanah Lot were said to have been built in the 16th century by the Hindu priest Bawu Rawuh, better known as Danghyang Nirartha,  who came from the kingdom of Majapahit in East Java, and traveled to Bali to spread the Hindu religion. Arriving at this spot he was inspired by the sacredness of the place and advised his followers to build the temples at this location.

Around the coral reefs in Tanah Lot Temple, there are snakes believe to be very sacred, holy and tamed. The snakes are in black and white and according to the Balinese, they are believed that to be the guardians of the temple. 

The snakes are unique as their body have no athwart skin which is a norm for most snakes. This water-based snake is very passive and cases of them attacking the locals or visitors are very rare.

Tanah Lot, situated on a rock, is also mentioned for "Donate to Get a Wish True". So, you have to donate and get yourself sprinkled with holy water by the monk , for every wish and if you are lucky, your wish will come true. 

Tanah Lot is the most photographed temple in Bali. It looks simply superb whether seen in the dim light of the morning sun or majestically silhouetted against the sky during sunset.

For Balinese the Tanah Lot is not only one its most important and venerated sea temples, but it is also the island's biggest tourist attraction. Tanah Lot temple exemplifies how intricately temples in Bali are woven into their locations, be they lakeside, mountainside, or seaside. At low tide the distance between land and the little island can be crossed easily on foot.

You can shop and collect beautiful souvenirs from the local market that is lined up, just outside the temple.

You can also walk up and sit on one of the tables along the cliff top to enjoy the views of the scenic surroundings. Order a drink and wait till sunset to photograph the temple, haloed in mystical beauty.

All Pictures Credits - Nitin Gupta Pictures

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