Weekend Destinations from Chandigarh

Today one of my friend sent me a message for suggesting destinations around Chandigarh. Because there is an extended weekend around 15th August, she wants to make best of that weekend. This made us to share a Photo Journey on weekend destinations around Chandigarh town. Let's look at various options and some tips about transportation & Hotels.

At broader level, 4 states are close to Chandigarh which have some good options to explore during weekends. Here we will be talking about good weekend destinations in Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Haryana & Punjab.

Here we have tried to list main destinations, along with some relevant links which share detailed information about things you can do, how to reach, main places to explore etc.

Himachal Pradesh -

A link which suggests about ways to reach different places in Himachal Pradesh. 


- Khajjiar
- Kalatop - A walk inside the forest
- Trekking around Dalhousie
- Chamera Dam


Renuka Lake






Punjab :

Haryana :

 Morni Hills

The destinations shared above is  very small as compared to things Chandigarh can offer to explorers and travellers. In fact, Chandigahr itself is full of various interesting options, which we shall try to compile again. This list can further be divided for different types of travellers as per their tastes, ages and their travelling habits.

Few Others -

Tani Jubber Lake  (Along with Hatu Peak & Narkanda)

Parashar Lake (Along with Shikari Devi or Kamarunag)

Sarahan on the border of Kinnaur district in Himachal

For 3 Days trip from Chandigarh, we strongly suggest Dalhousie if you haven't been there in past.

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