Suhania Kakanmath Temple in Morena region of Madhya Pradesh, India

Visit to Chausath Yogini Temple in Morena was an interesting experience and then we moved to Kakanmath Temple. This temple is dedicated to Shiva and maintained by Archeological Survey of India. 

This Siva temple in Suhaniya was built by Kachchhapaghata ruler Kirttiraja.  As you can see these photographs, this magnificent architecture standing on a lofty ornate pitha and originally surrounded by subsidiary shrines, the temple comprises on plan a sanctum enclosed by an ambulatory with three transepts, antarala, hypostyle gudhamandapa with lateral transepts, and a mukhamandapa approached from the east by stairs. The antarala has a single transverse row of four pillars while the gudhamandapa has four clusters, each of four pillars, arranged in four rows in alignment with those of the antarala. The sanctum doorway has seven sakhas which include a large number of deities between two mithunasakhas. The sikhara, shorn of most of its ornamental veneering stones, is about 30 m high of the mandapa roof only the upper storey of its central part crowned by a bell member has survived. 

Again an interesting place in Morena region of Madhya Pradesh, especially a must go place for people who love exploring architecture and heritage of India. It was very hot when we visited Kakanmath. It's recommended to carry water and some munchies while going there. 


R Niranjan Das said…
Lovely aerial captures!

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