How to blur background and foreground by keeping the main subject sharp in your photographs

Few days back, we shared about Depth of Field and ways to achieve background blur

Today's topic is not very different. If you have understood Depth of Field, then I am sure that you already know the ways to achieve background as well as foreground blur. 

At top level, here are basic tips to achieve this -

1. Compose your photograph in such a way that you(along with your camera :) ) are close to the things in foreground.
2. Now ensure that you have significant distance between background and main subject you want to click. 
3. Set your camera on high aperture (low f value)
4. Focus on your main subject and click your photograph.

With these simple steps you should be able to achieve good amount of blur in foreground and background. Now you may also want to check the previous article to ensure that you really understood the logic behind following these steps. 

Some of the folks use this brilliantly to achieve very special effects in photographs. My personal favorite work is by Enjo Mathew, although a good Photoshop work is also involved in his photographs.


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