Theatre of Cocktails @ The Hungry Monkey in Delhi

 Recently we visited The Hungry Monkey in DDA Market of Safdarjung Enclave in Delhi and found this worth sharing on this blog. This Photo Journey shares about some of the moments spend at this beautiful place. We shall share some detailed information about the space and what makes it so special. It was a special evening when 'Theatre of Cocktails' was being organized. Mr Arijit Bose was there to make some special cocktails and share the tips for making these cocktails. 

It was an evening with special cocktails. We were welcomed with Moscow Mule, which was basically a Cocktail having Vodka, Cucumber, Lime and Ginger ale. But these ingredients don't signify anything about the taste, flavor and character of the drink. This was first time, when I really understood the art of making cocktails. These were simply awesome and very special. 

We met Radhika, who invited us for this lovely evening and got to interact with other friends there. Soon after Arjit took control of the floor and started telling us about various cocktails like 'Lou's Lucky Leprechaun', 'Old Fashioned', 'Pepperdine' etc. 

Above photograph shows some of the cocktails served during 'Theatre of Cocktails' @ The Hungry Monkey in Delhi. - 'Old Fashioned', 'Moscow Mule' & 'Pepperdine' ...

The Hungry Monkey is located in DDA Market of Safdarjung Enclave(Delhi) and it's located just opposite to Deer Park (just above Cafe Coffee Day).

Everyone present in The Hungry Monkey looked very interested in learning more about cocktails served during the evening. 

Kartoos boxes and Blow torches were used for creating Old Fashioned cocktail, a bourbon-based drink. It was super awesome. Arijit made the presentation awesome. And it's impossible for me to talk about aromas and character of this drink. One needs to have a sip, to appreciate the art of cocktail mixing. 

Above are photographs of Pepperdine - Absolut pepper vodka shaken with lime juice, apple juiceand sugar served with ginger ale and flakes of dry ice.

Ambiance of 'The Hungry Monkey' are really cool. It has two floors above Cafe Coffe Day and a beautiful terrace with very good lighting & green plants all around. 

THM champions offered some other cocktails as well. Vibha likes to have Vodka and there were some very interesting Absolut cocktails.  It was 'Blue Meth' and Vibha liked it the most.

Old Fashioned was my favorite cocktail from this evening. I am a beer lover, but thoroughly enjoyed these cocktails and delicious food at The Hungry Monkey. Ideas of these shots are inspired by Sid Kullar, who was there to make this more special. He clicked some brilliant shots of these pearls and then I also thought of clicking few with pearls in foreground with my drink. Initially we thought of leaving early but these cocktails and lovely company made us stay longer than planned. After some time, we moved to beautiful terrace and had wonderful time with Sid & Anasuya. 

Different snacks were served with drinks. For dinner, we ordered some burgers (that turned out to be deliciously juicy) with crispy fried & green salad. I highly recommend 'The Hungry Monkey' to folks who like to have good pub food with innovative cocktails. Just go & try ! Feel free to comment on this blog with your experiences of the place, it's food and drinks. 

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