Unravelling the Zentangles - Discover the new Art

Recently I was exposed to new art form called as Zentangle. My friend Smita told me about a workshop on Zentangle at Indian American Center in Delhi. It sounded interesting and I ensured that I spend 2 hours from a busy day to learn something new. This Photo Journey shares about Zentangle and other exciting facts about it. 

The Zentangle Method is considered as easy to learn, relaxing and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. Almost anyone can use it to create beautiful images using paper, black pen, a pencil and something to smoothen out the shades we create. Zentangle increases focus and creativity, provides artistic satisfaction along with an increased sense of personal well being. The Zentangle Method is enjoyed all over this world across a wide range of skills, interests and ages. Creators of Zentangle believe that life is an art form and that their Method is an elegant metaphor for deliberate artistry in life. 

I was late for the workshop, but actual session had not started yet. Sampada, who took this workshop at American Center welcomed everyone and shared a folder and started introducing us to the art-form Zentangle. She started with few questions about art and the way people think if they are artists or not. And then simplified this new art-form for us. She shared the way Zentangle art-form was introduced by an American couple.

After a brief introduction, Sampada started introducing some popular patterns of Zentangle art. At the same time, she gave a Zentangle kit to everyone, which had 5 Zentangle white sheets, a black pen which specifically used for Zentangle, a pencil etc. Eraser is not used in this art-form. And it goes the with the philosophy of this art-form, which says that art can't be bound with defined rules. Instead artist should have freedom to express the way s/he wants to. And in case you doa mistake, then think creatively to make that mistake a beautiful part of the art-piece. So you can't erase but can apply your creativity to handle it accordingly.

On one of the corners of our workshop-room, Sampada had put some of her Zentangle art-pieces. These were not simply drawn on a piece of paper but they were put on something like a greeting card, carry bag etc. It's always a good idea to explore the art-form with our routine things, to make them special.

During the workshop we tried four famous patterns - Jetties, Floor, Crescent Moon & Hollibaugh. If you see above 21 creation with these four patterns, every other art-piece is different. This is because of the freedom this art-form offers to the artist and her/his own creativity. It was quite interesting to see that each of us completed our sheet with patterns we learned during 2 hour workshop. For me, it was quite encouraging and probably I will give it a try during coming weekend.

Above photograph shows what I created during the workshop :). And folks who completed one Zentangle during the workshop also got a certificate from Sampada :) . It was worth attending this workshop and hope to make best of what I learned. I am sure that lot is yet to be explored but all that can be learned gradually by practice. And I have many creative friends around me to help out with ideas and creative thoughts !

About Sampada in her own words - " A software engineer by profession, I am a self-taught artist, who was raised around all things artistic. My mother, an art teacher, as well as two older artistically inclined sisters, provided an early start on my sub-conscious journey as an artist.

An unwavering support from my husband helped me resume my experiments with painting in different styles, once both our sons grew older and more independent.

I am a CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) and have worked extensively in different folk art forms from India – namely, Madhubani, Warli, and Rangoli. In Summer 2012, I taught these art workshops, offered for the first time by Town of Cary and Hum Sub, a non-profit based in Cary that I am on the Board of.

I hope to be instrumental in reviving folk and tribal art forms from India and help support the artists at the same time."

To know more about Zentangle and Sampada, check out  -


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