Adobe celebrates Holi - The festival of vibrance and joy

Adobe yet again organized an exceptionally spectacular event 'Colors of Life' to celebrate the festival of Holi. The festival offered something to satiate all senses and a mirage of bursting colors. The event already became the talk of the town at Adobe Campus.

Kab hai holi?? Holi kab hai?? a famous dialog from the Bollywood movie Sholay and now a quote so well used. Mr. Gabbar Singh has been repeatedly asking this question year over year so to him, we at Adobe - say 17th of March 2014 ko hai iss baar Holi!!! 

The event started with burst of laughter and splits of joy to the impeccable joke by the famous stand-up comedian Nitin Gupta aka Rivaldo.

He takes you along the journey where he shows you the world from his point of view and makes you realize, "I never thought of it from this angle".

He'll make you laugh and ponder at the same time. A rockstar indeed.

This was his second visit at Adobe and yet his connect with the audience is terrific.

‘Well, what can I say - A brilliant evening that still has us laughing and smiling now!!’

Like many other festivals in India, Holi also signifies a victory of good over evil. The festival of colors is celebrated two days across India.

Day 1 being the Holika Dahan, where a pyre of wood symbolizing evil is burnt in the evening.

Day 2 called the Rangpanchami, is celebrated with lot of fanfare.

Be it strangers or friends, people at Adobe gathered on the terrace together and smeared colors on each other as this festival of solidarity sees no boundaries.

It was almost as if you were watching a bollywood movie in the making with the bollywood song "Aaj naa chodenge bas humjoli, khelenge hum holi." as a background score.

Colors are smeared over each other face amidst loud music, drums, dancing and a variety of delicious snacks and refreshment delights were served and savored.

Covered in brilliant hues, the revelers at the open-air festival dance and swayed to the ultimate electronic music experience while celebrating Holi.

With positive vibes and a trend setter. This event was another winner. Thank you everyone at the ESCAPE team for all your hard work. You all made everything fabulous.

Hope that everyone of you enjoyed the festival of colors !!
Photo Credits - Shannon and Nitin

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