How to reduce file-size of a Photograph before posting it on a Website or a Blog?

Although we have many times discussed preparing photographs for web, but this is mainly focused on downsizing your Photographs. Many times, folks are mainly focus of space utilization on servers of their website or blog. Few of the folks want to reduce the size so that it doesn't take much time before uploading to a website or a blog OR sending through email. Here we shall mainly be focusing on resizing a Photograph which will reduce the size upto a desired value.

So let's go step by step to achieve it. 

1. Open the file in Adobe Photoshop Elements, which you want to reduce in size.

2. Go to File menu and select 'Save As' and opt for JPEG

3. Give a new name to your Photograph in Save As dialog and click OK.

4. Following show dialog will be shown on clicking OK in Save As Dialog of Adobe Photoshop Elements Editor. In this dialog if you notice there is a mention  about current file-size of this Photograph. Please see on right side of the small dialog.

5. Now if you start moving Quality Slider towards the left, size will automatically decrease. When it reaches around your desired value, just stop and continue. Moving this slider to left means you are decreasing Quality of the photograph which will not be very noticeable on web. It mainly increases the compression level of your final JEPG.

6. Apart from that there are three option which also impact size of your Photograph. So try selecting any of these one by and see which fits better for you for further compression - Baseline Standard, Baseline Optimized, Progressive.


Nandan Jha said…
I have a regular need of this and I have been using 'Process Multiple Files' but the size was not reduced much. 'Save for Web' was doing better but I can do not a batch operation there. I took help from some experts to get a action file or kinda plugin but they failed to work.

Recently I tried in iPhoto and it is working wonderfully for me. The file size is exactly at the level I want and one can do a 'Batch Operation'.
Nandan, If you also need to manage all assets of your website/blog on your machine along with export related stuff, lightroom is another very good option.

Now I have completely moved to Lightroom for everything related to photographs.

In 'Process Multiple Files', you don't have option to restrict file-size, which is available in Lightroom.

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