Famous Maha Shivratri Fair in Mandi Town of Himachal Pradesh - By Shailesh Bhatnagar

Maha Shivratri is celebrated during last week of Feb and a huge fair happens in Himachal Pradesh to celebrate Maha Shivratri Festival. Shailesh brings some glimpses of Shivratri Fair with some of the unique ways of celebration and getting together with different Himachali Deities. Let's check out this Photo Journey to experience something different and know more about this special fair.

Mandi Shivaratri Fair is an annual fair which is held for a week. This starts on the day of Shivaratri and ends after 7 days. The Mandi Shivaratri fair is held as per Hindu calendar every year, so there are no fixed dates as per the calendars we use for routine planning.

Popularity of Shivratri Festival in Mandi town of Himachal Pradesh is widespread and hence is known as an international festival. During the festival large number of gods and goddesses come to the ground where this festival takes place. All these Gods are brought in Palkis and no vehicle is used for transportation. Many of these come from remote locations which are quite far from Mandi town. Gods from other districts of Himachal also participate in Shivratri Festival. Invitations to different gods are sent through 81 temples. Mandi town is also known as 'Varanasi of the Hills'.

The Mandi Shivratri fair is particularly famous for a special venue for gathering of all gods and goddesses. It's considered that there are more than 200 deities in Mandi district only who assemble during Shivratri fair. 

All these photographs show gathering of Himachali Deities and that makes this fair so special for explorers to visit Mandi during Shivratri and experience something exceptional.

Mandi town is located on the banks of the Beas River and many folks recognize as one of the bug city on the way to Manali. Mandi town is one of the oldest towns of Himachal Pradesh and used to be main market-place for most of the Himachal Districts.

Many such fairs happen across the year in different parts of the state and many of Himachali deities meet to celebrate special days in Hindu calendar.

It's a huge fair which is witnessed by thousands of visitors. Some come to have blessings of the gods, for some it's a great opportunity to do some shopping as many of the brands install their stalls offering special discounts and plans. This fair has very high commercial value as well. For 7 days, many of the local folks also get pretty good business.

Check out more about the Mandi Shivratri Fair @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mandi_Shivaratri_Fair


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