What's your take on Adobe's Creative Cloud and it's relevance to India's Creative professionals?

I am not sure how many of you know about Adobe's new offering called 'Creative Cloud', so thought of sharing this video where Umang Bedi from Adobe Systems shares some interesting information about Creative Cloud. 

This sounds exciting that Creative professional would be getting almost all professional softwares @ 2300 per month. On top of that, every update will come to them without any extra charges. On the other hand only Photoshop costs more than 60000 and then professionals need to pay for major version updates as well. Complete suite of Adobe Professional Softwares cost more than 1.5 Lac.

Now if you wonder that how an Indian can think of cloud service when internet connectivity is not that great. But Adobe has done something new here. One needs to sign-in one and install softwares on computer for offline use. Which means, we need not to be online for using these solutions/softwares. We shall try to find out more details about Adobe Creative Cloud, but in the mean time share your thoughts ???


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