Digital Photo Processing and Indian Photographers

Day before yesterday I was traveling to a place called Phagwara in Punjab and met a Photographer who was in same Volvo and going for a shoot in Amritsar. We had good discussions about various things around Photography, new trends, Indian Photography market, attitude issue and acceptance to new technologies and softwares. Earlier I had some thoughts about post-processing and involvement of Indian Photographer and this gentleman confirmed my thoughts on same. I don't want to quote his name and he is a famous personality & don't want this article to be very influential, as I am not very sure of aftereffects.

So we discussed about Software usage patterns in India and because it was my area of interest, we spent most time on it.

During the discussion it came that Indian Photographers are least aware of the power of various Digital Imaging Softwares. If we talk about some of the famous Photographers in US, most of them are very well aware of software technologies and most of them use various softwares for very specific purposes. They now each and every thing about the software and then decide which one works well for them. While in India, people know about softwares, but about very few, which are most popular ones like Photoshop and Lightroom. And even not very much aware of the real power of these softwares. 

This discussion continued and this fellow shared some of his personal experiences and told that now he want to learn these. Usually, there is model by which Photographers complete the shoot and share the raw content with their Editors, who process them and send back the final result. Now most of the photographers like to do this way, as they don't know about the basics of the softwares, so they don't have any options. Over time, these softwares have become real big things, which take time to learn as well. 

Another reason came about is Piracy. Here in India, most of the folks use pirated versions of softwares except few ones, who are really professionals :) .. Now when you get something for almost free, the attitude of putting best efforts to try or learn goes down. On the other hand when US Photographers buy each version of Photoshop and Lightroom or others, they never give up and know most of the stuff. At the same time, they feel more satisfied as compared to getting photographs processed by other folks with their personal choice of colors and adjustments. 

Soon this discussion moved to a different direction but related to post-processing only. Then he told me about an amazing thing that overall learning of Photography techniques in Indian is much lower than other parts of world, as Photographers find excuses for not putting efforts and money for acquiring such skills or technologies. Even I have heard folks talking that Photoshop or Lightroom like softwares should not be used. They kill Photographic Creativity. But in my opinion, it's all subjective. There is always a scope of improvement and if you have an excellent shot, these technologies may help you improve it further, or may give an opportunity to present the same photograph with different creative manner. 

To end this article, I would want to highlight the fact that as a Software professional in same field, I have seen old Photographers who have been working on Roll Cameras and now know best of these tools. This is called right attitude for improving yourself and be at same level with trending Photography market.

Be it Travel or Documentary, these technologies provide a great Power and Indian Photographers should appreciate this fact by putting best efforts to reach the next level.

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