Great Feedback from one of the famous Indian Bird Photographer- Just have a look || Bird Photography Tips by Experts

This post is a real reply from one of the Indian Professional Bird Photographer, when I shared my first attempt to shoot Birds with her. She really took the pain to find out time for detailed analysis of the photographs and framed following reply. I am simply pasting it without any changes and hope you will also be able to pick some of the good tips about Bird Photography -

For the first times the images are ok .
Northern Shoveler Female& Male is nice shot.Sunrise first shot is very nice.Birds you need min 400mm lens,few images are very small crop,couldn't see the birds properly .
Exposure for the images all good,few tips for composition.
Don't place the bird in the middle,Walk around to get them good clear frame.Keep it simple, don't cluster the frame.
Zoom lens to pull back to get background is much closer than real.Be focus on eye.

For water birds like Ducks,capture reflection of bird,Splashing while landing , diving and take- off

Bathing and wing display,Use water for better composition,Colours and lines,Eye level perspective,try different lighting.


*Have to show true behavior in the field.
*Apply all rules of photography, it should have an aesthetic appeal and interesting value.
*Anticipate the action.
*Research the bird you plan to photograph .
*Observe the bird, early morning birds will start preening, very active.
*Don't take your eye from your viewfinder.
* Patience to wait for decisive moment. Keep a distance.
*Leave some space around the bird, if it plans to take off or move , its easy to compose, don't frame too close.
*Try to get bird calling shots, preening, interaction.

Hope it helps.


Following photographs were shared with the expert and all were shot with 300mm Lens on Canon 50D -


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