How to share your product photographs with client for final selection?

(4 Year Old Story - Moved from one of my other blogs..) I have been doing some product shoots with few of the known Indian Photographers who are more into commercial Photography. I can't share more details about those shoots but recently one of my friend approached me to click some photographs for his NGO. He runs an NGO which creates green products out of wood and leaves. He wanted me to click photographs of these products.

For other shoots I normally go with my Camera gears and need not to worry anbout studio n all. This time I had no studio and we had no budget to get a studio on rent. So I had to proceed with something which can be worked out locally. Here I am not going to share about the process I followed to create a small studio setup with normal lights and other stuff. 

Other unique thing about this shoot was time :) As we know, it's difficult find a client who give you sufficient time. This time I shot approximately 20 products in two shoots of 5 Hrs and I am sure who would say how? I know :) Of-course, it impacts quaity of overall output ! In recent past I have been a part of Photographer's team who shot a watch in two days !!

Finally  when I was done with all the shoots, I had to share the clicks with client to ask him for final selection. I thought of sharing most of the shots with client, so that I can get the final list to send them for final editing. Now question was "How to share these photographs". Since I had no exposure of this thing, as my mentors used to take care of this separately and I never got to know about this. I had no time to explore the possibilities and thought to sharing all the samples in a PDF. How?

It was very easy !!!

I use Adobe Photoshop Elements and it has wonderful component called Organizer which gives an option to print as contact sheet. So I imported all the product pics into Organizer and printed a contact-sheet as a PDF.  Here you see a screenshot of PDF I generated.

More suggestions around this are welcome !!!


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