In the spotlight - Shailesh Sharma, a Himalayan photographer & explorer

In our 'In the spotlight' series, here we bring an interview of another inspiring Photographer Shailesh Sharma from Himalayan State of India. 

Here is quick introduction of Shailesh in his own words - "I was born in Solan, Himachal, a quaint little town on Kalka- Shimla highway which was then famous for the Mohan Meakins brewery.Its a quite town where life has a leisurely pace.I did my schooling from St. Luke's School,Solan & then did my graduation from Panjab University,at DAV collage chandigarh & then then went on to do business management.I work as a director with Vaidya Nutraceuticals Pvt, Ltd with manufacturing facilities at Boratiwala near Baddi."

PHOTO JOURNEY - Share something about your photography experience: Tell us since when you've been taking pictures. When did you start taking photography seriously? If you are an amateur/enthusiast photographer, how do you manage to balance your work-hobby equation and how many photos you take in a month/year.

Shailesh Sharma - I got into photography early as my father was an avid photographer who possessed a canon slr, my first camera of my own was a Agfa Click 1 & then an Agfa Isoly.After that wherever I went the camera went with me.Then this idea got into my mind that whenever I go to a beautiful place I don't enjoy the place & just concentrate on clicking pictures.Then for fifteen long years I hardly touched the camera.Then I brought a mobile phone which had a digital camera....and I was clicking again. I'm not a professional photographer but nothing compares to the joy of taking a good picture. Photography provides me a perfect opportunity to unwind & do something for my soul in this mad materialistic world.

PHOTo JOURNEY - What are your key areas of photography - travel/street/landscape/

wildlife/wedding/portraits/commercial? What makes you click? What have been your biggest achievements so far? What camera/lenses do you use and why?

Shailesh - I'm into landscapes & wildlife photography.It gets me some of the most beautiful place.I am to able to give photography too much time but I've had exhibitions of my work in Delhi & Leh & have been involved with Hatcch, UNESCO & canon in holding workshops on photography with school children.Currently I own a Canon 50d & 7D mark 2 bodies & a few lenses like Sigma 10-20mm.Tamaron 17-50mm 2.8,Sigma 50-500mm, canon 55-250mm kit lens & canon 50mm 1.8.

Photo Journey - What is so special about your city/country and its life/culture? Has photography changed your outlook/vision about your surroundings?

Shailesh - Living in the mountains has a lot of advantages for a landscape photographer, you are nearer to nature. Photography has certainly changed the way I look at life, I find myself composing pictures even when I'm driving.

PHOTO JOURNEY - What are your sources of inspirations? Do you have some favorite photographers? How do you keep yourself motivated? How do you approach people for their pictures?

Shailesh - I admire master photographers like Ansal adams. Inspiration for a picture mostly comes from going to scenic locations & good light. I find that I don't have to motivate myself to take pictures, in fact its the other way around, photography motivates me to do well in my other professional work.

PHOTO JOURNEY - What piece of advice do you wish to give to aspiring/budding photographers, fans, and readers of the post?

Shailesh - In this era of digital photography everybody thinks that he is a photographer. I would advice a budding photographer to know their  strength & stick to it. Also do not go after new equipment till you can get the best out of the equipment that you have.

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