Asus Zenfone phone sounds too good to believe !

In this time of Smart-phones and touch screens, all members of my family wants to have a smartphone. Recently we bought 2 Smartphones to replace Nokia E63 and a Blackberry. Now we need to find 2 more. During this, I came across ASUS Zenfone 2 and it sounds too good to believe.  Using this phone can completely change the experience which we have been imagining so far. Not sure if you know about following unique offerings in this camera, so here you go -

1. The very first thing is it's Pixelmaster camera. The camera is this phone has almost 0 shutter lag which essentially means that you can reply on your mobile camera for shooting moving subjects. And for me it becomes a good option to shoot when riding in a bus, train or cab. Currently I can only reply on DSLR to ensure fast shutterspeed,  so that I don't miss the frame I chose to click. Apart from that this high resolution camera works pretty well in low light conditions. Low light is one of teh changeling setup for mobile cameras to handle. 13PM and f2. This definitely sounds pretty exciting !

2. 4GB RAM. Let me repeat - '4GB RAM'. I still remember my college days when I bought my first computer. It was Dell machine with 512mb RAM and 20GB HDD. 20GB HDD was a luxury. And now this 4GB RAM mobile. Can you imagine how fast this mobile is going to be and it would be able to handle much more complex apps or games. 

3. Asus has come up with a technology which ensures that your discharged phone gets into action sooner. Essentially charging time for the battery reduces significantly. This is something I want to try out and see the difference we are talking about. I never measured total time it takes to charge my existing phone because I keep charging it whenever get time :). Asus claims that 60% of it's battery would get charged in 39 minutes. By knowing the type of battery and backup this phone offers, these statistics are interesting. 

4.  The sleek and smart body with varied colors. It's 3.9mm thin. btw, phone is available is special designs this time. Something called - Transfusion & Illusion series. Easy to hold in your hands and easy to click through front camera. 

5. This is 5.5 inch screen phone and have 72% screen-to-body ration. Which is quite interesting. I hate phones like Honor 6 which wastes lot of space. 72% is very good ratio number.

This phone is surely going to set different expectations in Smartphone market. It's popularly known as world's first 4GB RAM phone with engineering & design excellence in terms of technical specifications & ergonomic design. I have been following Asus for a long time and this phone caught my attention when it comes to usage experience. 

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