In the spotlight - Akash Deep, the wanderer & photographer

Q1 What inspired you to take up photography?
Ans: It all started with the travelling bug which bitten me in my childhood. As Born in laps of Himalayas gave me ample opportunity of living closer to the nature. Used to click with film camera present in house, but the real first thought of clicking pictures started when I firstly traveled to Manimahesh kailash in 2003. Spent long 6 years in western ghats of south India and traveled a lot around there but always missed a camera. Finally in 2010, I bought my first point n shoot for my real first long motorcycle ride to Ladakh. Then there was no looking back, passion grew within a lot and within a year I was having my first DSLR in my hands just before my 2nd Ladakh ride. The passion kept on increasing and the desire to explore and click kept of getting stronger and stronger with every click and every single km I traveled. And now I do admit that I can't just live without my camera. There is not a single day when I don't click a picture.

From whom you learn't basics of photography ?

Well, I am self learnt guy. Have read lots about the traveling tales of guys and there beautiful pictures clicked and one thing I was quite sure before buying a DSLR that there wont be any looking back , so since day 1 I knew what to do . Click in full manual mode and learn from experiments and mistakes. I learn't my lession harder way, kept clicking for hours with different settings. I would definitely give credit to internet and google for providing lots of information regarding photography.

Exactly what it is you want to say with your photographs, and how do you actually get your photographs to do that?

I am one into travel photography. I Dont believe in creating scenes or using artifitial light to create amazing things. I believe and roaming and capturing the moments created by nature on that particular moment. Landscapes fascinates me, people, nature, wildlife, everything which is closure to the nature are things I love to capture in my camera. And for getting such phothographs related to my taste, I always try to travel around different parts as much I get chance to travel.

What technology/software/camera gear do you use to keep focused on what you do best, as you photograph?

I started with a film camera in my childhood. Got my first P&S nikon s3000 in 2010, then a Nikon D3100 in 2011 and now I am having a Nikon D7000 body along with a ultra-wide angle, a telephoto and a prime lens, with some other assistive gears. I always love to click RAW pictures as they keep lots of information in them and use adobe RAW plugin to process them. Post processing is also an important part of photography, as the experts says a photograph is made in 3 steps- Composition, setting of equipment while clicking and Post Processing while presenting the picture.

Can you share your success stories ?

The first real break I got was getting into top 10 finalists of Wrangler's True Wanderes 2.0 . And in the same time around 2 of my pictures won awards in 2 categories in the photography contest by Himachal Tourism. Regarding TW 2.0 - I finished as first runner up in the country in the contest. And Sooner doors opened and I managed to sneak into the State Panel of Photographers for Himachal Tourism. 

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