Bay of Aquarium – a nice, small and overpriced place in San Francisco

When you are visiting San Francisco and search for things to explore, Bay of Aquaraium is one of the most popular & recommended place by many of the websites. But please keep your expectations right, otherwise you can feel disappointed by the experience there. 

Bay of Aquarium is on Pier-39 and it’s at the same place from where ferries for Golden Gate Bridge starts. So if you have time crunch and walking around Pier-39 – I would recommend the Golden Gate Bridge ferry as compared to Bay of Aquarium. 

Many of my friends who visited San Francisco and also explored Bay of Aquarium, all of them had almost the same feedback – it’s small and not worth the money you spend on the entry ticket. 

In comparison to monterey aquarium, Bay of Aquarium is quite small and hence many folks recommend to visit monterey if you are really interested in aquarium and various types of fishes. 17 miles drive is another interesting place around monterey.

I guess the disappointed increases when we compare the ticket fees and compare it with the size of aquarium. A lower price might not pinch so much to the visitors. I am happy that I bought combo ticket for Ferry & aquarium. The Ferry experience was super awesome. 


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