Some Awesome Weekend Destinations you may not know that they existed around Delhi (2-3 Days Trip)

I have been living in Delhi for last 8 years now and try to utilize my weekends in better way by exploring something new every time. Still there are lot of things around the capital city of India, which I never explored. Many times friends come to me to ask about destinations which can be explored during weekends of in 3 days. I have been thinking of compiling this list for a long time now and here I share something which comes to my mind. While compiling this list, I realized that there are lot of other places worth travelling around Delhi.

Delhi has different kinds of weekend getaways in various northern states of India. All these destinations include hills, deserts, strong cultural infuences, natural beauty, ghats, rivers, wildlife, national parks, historical locations and lot more. Many of the destinations mentioned in this blog have very good connectivity through roads and you can choose to drive as well.

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White Water Rafting in Rishikesh
Jhunjhunu Region - Surajgarh
Birding Paradise - Pong Dam
Barot (For 3 Days, along with Palampur)
Dalhousie (3 Days)
Jalori Pass and Sarolsar Lake
Manali & Rohtang Pass (3 Days)

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The list shared above is  very small as compared to things Delhi can offer to explorers and travellers. In fact, Delhi itself is full of various interesting options, which we shall try to compile again. This list can further be divided for different types of travellers as per their tastes, ages and their travelling habits.
Few Others -


 Extended Weekeds (4 Days+)-

We shall add more to it

Recommended in Summers...

Recommended in Monsoons...
Recommended in Winters... (DONE)

Sushmita, one of the fellow blogger shares another interesting list with more details at one place here


WordilyCravings said…
1. Kasauli 2.Neemrana 3. Solan 4. Jaipur 5. Mcleodganj
Cool !

It's great to see Solan in your list of preferred destinations. Solan is beautiful place with various favorable things to make it a suitable holiday destination, but many of the folks visiting Shimla miss this. That for inspiring us to post something about Solan on our blog.
Amit A said…
I think you missed Fatehpur sikri & Deeg palace also

- Amit
Right Amit ! Fatehpur Sikri is another good destination around Delhi. Hope to publish a Photo Journey on Fatehpur Sikri and link here..
Unknown said…
These seems to be the best places to visit near Delhi for any weekend getaway. I would like to add Neemrana Fort Palace in this list of place where I had visited last week. Neemrana Fort palace is perfect place to have the traditional architecture with all modern amenities.I had done aerial zip lining as well conducted by Flying Fox.
Manan Kumar said…
Thanks for sharing valuable insights.

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