Perform Magic through the latest release of Adobe Photoshop Express, which is FREE

As an Android user I was very excited when Adobe Photoshop Express was released on Android, as it has always been one of my favorite photo editing applications. And now it is my favorite for photo management as well. By the end of this post you will find  out why. You will also be able to see how I am using it for organizing my photographs.

Photoshop Express was first launched for iOS devices and I had shared some of the results I achieved through Adobe Photoshop Express here. These results were achieved on an iPAD. As I use an Android phone, I was very excited when the app was first released for Android platform. If you haven't yet used Photoshop Express, try the latest version on your mobile phones.

Recently Adobe released a new version of Photoshop Express. The application in this release is completely transformed and has vastly improved performance, along with improved interface and intuitive ways of using powerful tools. In this post, I will be sharing my observations about this latest version of Adobe Photoshop Express.

The new Photoshop Express app has better performance and works on latest version of Android (Kitkat). Performance will be even better for people who keep their data on external SD cards. This version has special handling to ensure that the data on an external card is handled efficiently, resulting in good performance. The new interface and workflows are more intuitive and usability has improved a great deal as well.

As the screenshots shared in this post show, the application gives direct access to some of the most preferred ways to improve a photograph - the effects that are called 'Looks' in this app; the crop feature along with other options to correct the perspective of a photograph through rotation, flip, & various presets to limit the crop to a particular aspect ratio; the adjustment sliders to change exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, white balance, sharpness, & clarity; the red eye fix feature; and the Auto Smart fix in which you really do not need to do anything to make a photograph beautiful. 

I am very excited about Revel integration in the latest version. Now after editing, I can share my photograph through Adobe Revel. I have been using Adobe Revel for a while, for organizing some specific sets of my photographs & videos, and now I can seamlessly use Revel through Photoshop Express. It's great for keeping all your family's memories together to share. So I can edit the photographs and then share them through Photoshop Express itself. If you don't have a Revel account yet, I would recommend getting one so that you have space to keep your memories online, and make best use of them through applications like Photoshop Express.

I love the fact that you can quickly edit your photographs using Photoshop Express and then share them instantly through your choice of service or on social media websites. Photo editing was never so much fun and especially on mobile phones. What an exciting release this one is !

At the end, let me summarize the awesomeness Photoshop Express offers in it's latest application -

Auto-Fix: A one-touch adjustment which makes your photograph better, by using the improved Image rendering Engine.

Adjustments : Sliders to control clarity, contrast, exposure, highlights, shadows, temperature, tint, sharpen and vibrance. 

Awesome 'Looks' (effects): There are nearly 20 interesting looks(effects), which can be applied with single click.

New image rendering engine to improve performance and better handling of larger files or panoramic images.

Integration with Revel: Organize your memories on Revel and privately share.  

Sharing capabilities including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Adobe Revel etc.

Converting Photographs into Black and Whites is one of my favorites editing workflow and here are some of the results I have achieved using the latest Photoshop Express app on my Android Phone.

To know more about Photoshop Express, check out -

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