Venice - A unique city which makes you stop and see at every 10 steps || A Photo Journey by Anchita Arora

I haven't been trying to trace James Bond's footsteps but after Lake Palace and Monte Carlo, I got lucky third time in a row as this year we visited yet another destination of Bond movies ! Venice ;)

We landed in Venice late in the evening and hitched a vaperatto (a shared passenger boat) to our hotel. The beauty of the city on water was truly breathtaking under the setting sun.

The sun cast some beautiful silhouettes into the water, adding to the mystique of the city.

The next day we set out on a tour to Murano, Burano and Torcello islands. Murano island is world famous for its glassware. You can see glass blowers in some factories making figures in a matter of seconds to exhibit their skills. However, if you are interested in buying souvenirs then make sure to do a survey of prices in a few shops instead of getting stuck at the first shop like me.

With its beautiful multi coloured houses, Burano island is said to be one of its own kind in the world.

Wear your most colorful clothes if you like to blend well with the surroundings :)

The place was as charming as a place can be.

The Torcello island is famous for its cathedral of Santa Maria and the Church of Santa Fosca.

And that is me striking a pose in the sun!

The walls of the cathedral are seeped in history!

And many more objects, giving us an opportunity to reflect over the passage of time. After the tour, the boat dropped us at the heart of Venice - Saint Mark's Square popularly known as San Marco.

San Marco is magnificent in its monuments bathed in gold and is lined with a number of shops and cafes where you can stop by and try some rigorously Venetian food or cool down with a delicious gelato.

Pigeons are as much a part of the scenery as the elaborate architecture and the curious humans.

The next day we went city sightseeing on the Canal Grande. Movie buffs shall recall various scenes from 'Casino Royale' and 'From Russia with Love' here.

Colourful buildings dot the waterways, making the entire city look as if it is made of candy.

Exploring the city on foot was a bit tiring in the sun but worth the effort. Glad I wore my walking shoes as we had to go up and down numerous bridges.

City map is absolutely essential when venturing out on foot. Although we are but rubbish at reading maps and hence went astray in narrow lanes and often found ourselves standing at blind ends. 

And exploring mysterious alleyways in an attempt to get back on track!

Directions on the walls were really helpful while exploring the city and we came across many interesting sights which we wouldn't have seen if we had read the map right :D

Zattere forms the southern boundary of the city of Venice and is known for its church and also for Academia, the house of many Venetian paintings, which lies in its vicinity.

The famous Rialto bridge unites the two banks of Grand Canal and you will find many more eating joints, souvenir shops and bars on the bank here.

Many a crowded boats pass from beneath the bridge every day.

Gondola ride was an amazing experience as it took us through city's otherwise unseen waterways. A melodious Italian song added to the atmosphere.

Each "street" and "alley" offers a taste of the typical Venetian architecture.

No trip to Venice would be complete without going around the city in night to see its sparkling glory and wonderful reflections in water. I could see a lot of photographers with their tripods in the night. I also clicked a few quickies with my shaky hands :-)

The city offers an interesting skyline, especially at the night.

Cafe's stud the waterways and each looks more charming than the other.

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