Diwali - Festival of Lights at Adobe Systems, India by Bhavna Negi

Rich and diverse culture in India ensures that a strong team spirit bonds everyone. We at Adobe Systems celebrate and enjoy all success and festivals together as one big happy family. This not only gives employees a great work culture but also inculcates a sense of belongingness amongst them. Every festival is celebrated to pave the path for social interactions amongst each one to bridge the gap of cultural diversity.

Deepavali, the "deep" meaning "light" or "lamp", and "avali" meaning "row".
Every fun event boosts the creative streak amongst employees at Adobe India. We celebrate Diwali in a grand style and encourage our budding creative engineers, players and singers to make the atmosphere all more thrilling by participating in every event.

Our culture fosters an environment of love and trust and enhances the bonding as well as team spirit in the overall professional environment.

Diwali is also accompanied with wonderful ideas for Rangoli - a symbol of joy and prosperity; Tambola with the number puzzles which on solving gives away many exciting gifts. We, the People of Adobe, realize the true spirit of each festival and contribute in our own small ways to enjoy every moment.

Like, everyone - We love to dance, sing and party hard and ensure that merry making events are a part of every celebration with wonderful memories. Apart from fun event celebrations, we also indulge Diwali Mela that gives you moments together with the team. This makes workplace even livelier and joyous.

Let's walk you through the three-day long celebrations.

The Event - Rangoli

An Indian traditional folk art, created on the floor on some festive occasions. This ancient Indian art is believed to be originated from the Indian state Maharashtra.

Beautiful rangoli patterns and designs are made on the entrances of Indian homes for beautifying them and welcoming the guests. It also marks the welcoming of Goddess Lakshmi.

You’d be amazed with the creative bend of mind and with the way they portray the ideas. Take a look at these traditional embellishments made by Adobe employee. You may get inspired, for each one is mind blowing.

The Event - Mehendi

It marks a token of good omen. Every girls love the color of henna on her hands. The traditional patterns of mehendi have become more and more intricate and decorative with time. 

The rule was simple: You can participate as a team or as an individual. As a team/individual, you have to draw elaborate mehndi (henna) designs on your or partner’s hand or feet. The time for this event was 2 hours.

Each beautiful design has degrees of intricacy and are unique.
Here are the pictures of the event. These are as beautiful as they seem.

The Event - Tambola

One game that needs no introduction, played amongst friends and family, during several festive occasions. Everything was scheduled at Adobe India Cafeteria; Employees were asked to gather along with the Tambola tickets that were placed at everyone’s desk. Cool, Isnt??

The rule is very simple: A player/organizer calls the Number/CUE one at a time and the players need to strike Numbers on their tickets. The Tambola Tickets were provided by the organizer of the event.     

There were 2 games with simple categories: Early 5; Corners; Top Row; Middle Row; Bottom Row; First full house; and Second full house.

Once you have strike-off numbers and claim categories, as mentioned above – the prize was yours. Everyone who played and who witnessed the event felt being kid back again. The crowd had a gala time and so did the organizers.

The Event - Diwali Mela

For everybody it was a pleasant surprise. We started off with people decorating their respective desk/cubicles straightaway. 

While the organizers were busy decorating the common bay for function and also aligning the stalls for the mela, sheer enthusiam was seen between all teams and a great spirit of competition.

There was full participation and great sportsmanship among everyone for the games stall. Everyone enjoyed playing, Hoopla; Break the Pyramid; Coin in the Bucket; 3 Patti; Tambola; 7 Up-Down;  

At the food stalls, Everyone binged on Gol Gappe; Bhalla Papri; Bhelpuri; Matar Kachori; Kulfi It was all about good food, full tummies and lots of finger licking moments.

The Event - Ethnic Day 

The day was such a special day for everyone. The whole office turned out in ethnic wear to celebrate "Ethnic Day". Indeed, you could see the cultural diversity and the vibrant people.


The Event - Antakshari  

This was the most favorite of all the events. The enthusiasm of every employee at Adobe was palpable. The event received so many interests of participation that eventually the organizers had to set Prelims to shortlist teams.

Phase I had a written multiple choice questionnaire quiz of 15 –20 questions for a team. 
Phase II was to audition the singers in you.

The teams were finally shortlisted based on the Quiz Results and the quality of singing of the team members.

The entire event had various round, Normal and 2-minute Rapid Antakshari; Instrumentals and Guess the song from the audio and the video clips; Muted songs were also played for team to guess the songs; There was word Antaskshari. And every round had a time limit as well.

The audiences too, won many chocolates for there was audience round too!

Fireworks & DJ Dance

It is believed that the Gods rejoiced homecoming, for which people of Ayodhta burst firecrackers on this day. Lighting firecracker is probably the best and most fun-filled activity for all of us at Diwali. While this gives one and all of us, a great deal of joy it also raises certain ethical and other issues.

Note of Thank You : The ADOBE ESCAPE team
ESCAPE is the source of Entertainment; Sports; Celebration; Activities; Party Planning; and Events

Shannon Victor Peter, Dhirendra Mohan, Nishtha Gupta, Pulkit Jain, Shuchi Gupta, Sunaina Kapoor, Cynthia Gomes, Anand Singh, Anil, Asheesh Otto, Ashna Singh, Deepa Roy, Deepak Chauhan, Divya Mittal, Jasmeet Bhatia, Jaspreet Kaur, Piyush Bhatnagar, Prableen Kaur, Pranav Jain, Sachin Hasija, Sharad Vatsa, Sukhwinder Singh and Sumit Verma .

You all made this celebration so worthwhile and enjoyable.

Picture Credits
Shannon Victor Peter         Nitin Gupta           Ankit Singh           Mandeep Singh         
It was great to see almost everyone putting an effort to make the event a success and to make it memorable for long times. 

We heard almost everyone around praising about the event and the spirit of festivity that ESCAPE team brought to our workplace. 

It boosted the morale of the ESCAPE team members and set a benchmark for times to come. The celebration was aided by the perfect weather, good food and lots of fun and laughter, until, next year.
Bhavna Negi

"Don't ask what the worlds needs. Ask what makes you come alive... And go, Do it!
– Because – What the world needs is people who have come alive." - PassImpressionOn.

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