How to choose your Wedding Photographer?

Having spent considerable time photographing beauty around us, I have often been asked how important it is to do proper research before hiring a wedding photographer – in short, how is one wedding photographer different from the other, and how to be sure that one is hiring the right person. My answer is pretty simple – more than anything else, you need to find out how a photographer relates to weddings and wedding photography. A photographer for whom a wedding is just another project or assignment may not do a bad job, but will certainly not add any value to it. His or her photographs may turn out to be technically perfect, but you will often find the photographs very mechanical and without any emotions. More often than not, such a wedding photographer will deliver photos that will succeed in documenting the events, but will fail to create memories. The photographs may be beautiful but will lack life. And this is not how you want your wedding to be captured.

Best wedding photographers love meeting people and are passionate about weddings. They understand what a wedding means to the couple and the family and are very sensitive to the needs of the client. When you hire such a person, you can rest assure that the person will be able to see what others can’t and will be able to capture moments that will make all the difference to your wedding album. A wedding album put together by such a person will tell a story through pictures, and each picture will evoke several emotions. While a lot of people claim to do candid wedding photography, you should make it a point to have a heart-to-heart chat with the photographer, whether it is me or anyone else, to figure out whether he or she will be the perfect person to capture your wedding. You are unique and your requirements will be unique – you need to find a wedding photographer who suits your needs.

One of the best trend shift that has happened in the area of wedding photography is the move from templatized wedding photography to candid wedding photography. For photographers for whom photography is an art, this the best opportunity to let the artists in ourselves run loose and create photographs that are also pieces of art. This is another important aspect that you need to keep in mind when you hire a photographer. A photographer who respects photography as an art is most likely to give out artistic results.


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