The Qutub Minar performs a happy dance


Indrani said…
That is scary! Hope it doesn't break! :D
How did you do it?
Hi Indrani,

It was done long time back but today I figured out a way to post animated GIFs on Blogger. Hope to share few more soon :)

This can be done in Photoshop. Essentially we take a photograph, make multiple copies, do appropriate change in each of them. Put them is right sequence and save as animated GIF. It's fun, try it out :)
Anonymous said…
fun. the way you did it :) thanks for sharing the tip too
Namrota said…
Hehehe.. great job though by the title I thought it must be jumping around :P :D
Thanks Amar :) ... try it out & share with us as well..

@Pritesh - Thank U :)

@namrota - I will try to create another version with jumping Qutub :)
Shilpi Dutta said…
hehe i wanna learn the secret coding u did :-)
Shilpi - It's Puppet Warp in Photoshop :)
Your are a creative genius and with Disruptive Thinking Approach, You are working wonders...! Great Job...!

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