A week spend with Nokia Lumia 800 and back to my HTC DesireHD Mobile || A Quick Review of Nokia Lumia 800

Don't go by the title of this post because I had no option to continue with Nokia  Lumia 800, as it was shared by one of the branding organizations for review. So this post is for sharing my personal experience with the phone. It's a not a typical technical review where Phone features are re-framed with good mix of technical and usability points. It's not a very detailed one, but would be helpful for some of the folks. Especially if you are interested in knowing Lumia Camera. Let's check out ...

Few weeks back I got an invite for a forum organized by Qualcomm, where they shared some details about their technology called Snapdragon which is used in many of the Smart Phones by HTC, Samsung, Sony & Nokia etc. After brief discussion they shared few Snapdragon powered phones with some of the participants and I got to try Nokia Lumia 800. I have used this phone for approximately 2 weeks and as you can guess, my main focus initially was it's Camera. Honestly, I spend around 70 percent of my time on studying it's camera. Before I directly jump on the Camera review, let me share some basic things about the phone and how I felt After taking it first time in my hands.

I have been using HTC DesireHD phone for last two years. When Nokia Lumia 800 came to me, first thing was about it's size and sleekness. It was impressive to just look at the body of nokia Lumia 800. Next thing which I liked was it's screen which looked very well fitted into the body and looked more secured as compared to other touch phones. But soon I realized that it was comparatively heavier as I was expecting by looking at it's size. So initially I was super impressed by it's design even I found it a bit heavier. It was quite comfortable in keeping this phone in jeans, which is becoming difficult with new smart phones having large screens. I know that it's all about compromises - some folks like to compromise things with bigger screens or vice-versa, which is completely fine.

When I started using, initially it was quite different experience. Slowly I liked the way things were aligned in tiles, especially photographs. Performance of Lumia is quite good and I think it's because of Snapdragon processor :) ...

These tiles can only be accessed in portrait mode only and can't be in landscape mode. Here I am talking about the way you hold the phone. Not sure if, it's OS limitation or Lumia but in today's world flexibility is one of the main thing every user expects in most of the aspects.

When I clicked first photograph with Lumia Camera, I was impressed with the wide angle it offers. Camera has various useful settings, which we usually get in most of the smart phones. It's a 8 megapixel camera. As I used it more, I felt in love with it especially for day shots. It was not impressive for night shots or even in low light condition, which is same for many of the other phone cameras. But when downloaded the photographs clicked during daytime, they were seriously hopeless for me. Just opened it in 1:1 (100% zoom) and there were hardly any clear details in the pic. So these pics are good for sharing on mobile cameras or even on facebook and don't think of getting a print and using them for some serious stuff. I will be posting separate camera review of Lumia 800 with sample photographs clicked with kind of issues I am talking about. Apart from this I found some usability issues with camera functionality. One of the major drawback is with the mechanism through which it focuses and clicks just after that.In Lumia 800, we can do manual focus before clicking. So just tap on the object where you want to focus. It does focusing and metering and immediately clicks a pic. This pics may come over-exposed or under-exposed depending upon the metering done by camera. There should be two different gestures of clicking and focusing which is offered by most of the other smart phones. HTC DesireHD does the same thing quite smartly. Point is to reduce the chance of error and avoid the case where you need to re-click a photograph. In some cases, your subjects may have changed which is highly probable thing to happen.

The physical appearance of Nokia Lumia 800 is great to observe and handle, with its smooth curves fitting user hand both with and without the protective case provided in the purchase packaging. If you are used to handling the current crop of super slim handsets doing the rounds in today's phone shops, you can't help but feel the Lumia 800 is a little on the chunky side, even compared to the iPhone 4S thanks to it being around 10 per cent thicker.

  Nokia Lumia 800 uses MicroSIM which sounds like a new fashion among latest smartphones.

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