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Himalayan state of India is full of Monasteries and lots of folks from various parts of of the world come here. Dharmshala region is one of the most popular one, after Lahual & Kaza. Let's check out this Photo Journey from Tashi Jong Monastery...

It was a Sunday, when we moved from Palampur towards Utrala Hydro project. This Monestry came on the way from Baijnath to Utrala Hydro project. This gentleman was sitting on road side and gave an idea to visit this Monestry. There was a small cut on left side to hit Tashi Jong Monestery. 

Just after parking the car, we met a group of children at Tashi Jong Monestery. Simling faces with a different sort of energy in all of them. Very humble and some of them offered us their services for guiding inside the campus. Most of them were shy and particularly this fellow was not very confortable in front my travelling camera :) ... This photograph was clicked as he looked back at Travelling Camera, which was chasing him.

Here is main temple inside Tashi Jong Monestery, but unfortunately we were there at wrong time. Most of the campus was closed at that particular time. We spent some time around the place and had some snacks in neighbouring shops.

Himachal Pradesh boasts sizeable population of the followers of Buddhism. It's quite natural for the region to have numerous Buddhists monasteries on it's beutiful landscape. As Himachal Pradesh has been under strong Buddhist influence, the spiritual leader of the Tibetans, the Dalai Lama, made Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh as his residence. Apart from mumerous monesetries, there are lot of small villages can be found around Dharmshala, which have mjor infuence of Budhism.

Puneet wanted to have a photograph with these folks, who guided us through the Tashi Jong Campus.

Buddhism in Himachal Pradesh, the beutiful state of India which is also known as Dev-Bhumi, can be traced back to the spread of Buddhism in the early 8th century. Over the centuries this activity has become deeper rooted, particularly in the Lahaul, Spiti and Kinnaur valleys of Himachal Pradesh. Since Dharmshala is one of the main center, Kangra has also got some monesetries. During our visit to Bir Billing, we also saw one of the huge monestery in the valley. It seemed one of the major school for learning Budhism in Himachal Pradesh.

After the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, escaped from Tibet with his followers in 1959 and took refuge in India, the focus on Tibetan Buddhism spread further and attracted immense international sympathy and support... The Dalai Lama found Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh as an ideal place to establish his 'capital in exile' at McLeodganj in close vicinity to Dharamshala, and is called the Little Lhasa and also as Dhasa (a combination of Dharamshala and Lhasa in Tibet). (courtesy - wikipedia)

More information about Budhism in Himachal Pradesh can be checked at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buddhism_in_Himachal_Pradesh

This situation has given the state a unique status in the global firmament of Buddhist traditions. It is now the cradle of Tibetan Buddhism, with its undeniable link to the past activities initiated in the 8th century (in 747 AD) by Guru Padmasambhava (who went to Tibet from Rewalsar in Himachal Pradesh in North India to spread Buddhism), who was known as the "Guru Rinpoche" and the “Second Buddha

Apart from Himachal Pradesh, there are few other states which have Buddhist influence in other parts of India. More details about such states is available at

Whole campus of Tashi Jong is really beautiful and a must go place in case you plan to visit Utrala Hydro project in interiors of Kangra District (Near Palampur/Baijnath ) and I am sure that interiors would be more interesting.

I remembered this place by the name of 'Tashi Chowk', while it seems it's 'Tashi Jong'. I just found an article about this Monetary - http://blog.travelpod.com/travel-blog-entries/gaiamuni/1/1274575383/tpod.html

A monastery Tashijong is a community rather than a monastery... It encompasses a small stratum of the Tibetan refugees where one can see the dwellings of the people in exile. This monastery depicts structures at different levels, there is a college for freshers and a Tibetan restaurant. The main shrine is placed on a top platform at the fag end of a garden. (courtesy - http://www.mustseeindia.com/Palampur-Tashi-Jong-Monastery/attraction/12129)

Here is an official website of Tashi Jong Monastery in Himachal Pradesh, INDIA - not working now :(

Apart from its religious significance, Tanshi Jong monastery has an excellent craft emporium where one can get exquisite Tibetan artifacts. Alluring site around Palampur, Tashi Jong Monastery offers the imposing scenery of the Kangra valley and the near by surroundings. Its serene and tranquil ambiance makes every visitor forget all the hustle and bustle of the day to day life.

Here is another link with more information about Tashi Jong Monastery in Palampur, Himachal Pradesh, INDIA - http://fnm.in/tashi-jong-rinpoche/


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Looks like a wonderful place and pictures are beautiful.

However, there is some problem with your blog - the box with icons for tweeting and sharing the post on FB comes over the middle of the pictures, hides them partially and spoils their impact. You don't have a way to fix it on one side?

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